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Fulton Sheen Excerpt… Lent 2017

Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, "God Love You All!"

“God Love You All!”

The story goes that while in prison his friend was so full of the Love of Christ that many of his fellow inmates were being converted to the Christian Faith.  Even a few guards were converted.  So in complete anger, his captures decided to place this man in the worst cell they had.  The cell with the starving rats!  The idea being, of course, that either this man would finally break and die of madness, or he would break and the hungry rats would hasten his own death.  It’s what happened instead that speaks of the true testament of LOVE.

Sitting there among the starving rats, watching them fight over a small morsel of food, his friend began to philosophize with the rats about the importance of food over death from no food.  The rats became sluggish and stopped their fight to listen.

Soon the conversation turned to the GREAT LOVE of God and how He looks out for even the smallest creature taking great care that none should be without His GREAT LOVE.  As this man spoke more and more, all of the rats, quite literally, laid down at his feet and listened with rapture.  So much so, that when the man’s captures came to take his expected dead body from the cell, they instead opened the door to see “a Daniel among the lions” enjoying good speech and company.

To this they gave up, and shortly thereafter, released the man who later related this story to Fulton Sheen.

With GREAT LOVE satan can and WILL BE defeated.  God IS LOVE.  Thus satan WILL BE DEFEATED.  But that defeat in our own lives begins RIGHT NOW. This Lent, those who pay close attention, will learn to speak with the WORDs of LOVE and defeat satan in their own lives.

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