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R.U. Reconciled?

This series is all about the Catholic Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Primarily, it’s about 1) how we are reconciled to God, 2) how we’re reconciled to each other, and 3) Why is it so important?

In our modern world that tells us there’s no such thing as sin, it is important to remember the TRUTH.  Sin exists because we choose to separate ourselves from God in the things we do.  If we chose not to separate ourselves from Him, do you suppose we would have a need to sin?

With the assistance of the Catechism of the Catholic Church,  Sacred Scripture, and Sacred Tradition, the reader will become acquainted with not only how sin affects all of our lives, but how powerful Forgiveness of that sin can be in all of our lives.

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Reconciliation Part III: The Eucharist and Reconciliation

I hope these reflections help you to overcome the fear and doubt often associated with this Sacrament – as placed there by the father of sin & doubt, a.k.a Satan – and instead embrace Christ’s loving Mercy that flows from this beautiful Sacrament of LIFE and LOVE – That Christ Himself placed within this Sacrament!  He’s waiting for you with open arms! Be healed. 🙂

Affectionately in the Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary!
~ Anne Elizabeth =-)

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