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Occupy what-street?

Just thought I’d pass on some more useful information. In case any of you have followed the so called protests against Wall Street and the big money bailouts that seem to be sweeping the nation, and wondered ‘who’ was orchestrating them? The Tea Party? Patriot Groups? Disgruntled Bankers? None of the above. It was orchestrated by none other than… Sorros and all the groups under his and Obama’s thumbs in co-hoots with Big Labor Union Bosses.

The first tidbit I received came from a news letter I subscribe to:

“Protests on Wall Street, spurred by socialist organizations like (and with the backing of George Soros) have one goal in mind – destroy (more so than it already is) the economic and financial infrastructure of the United States, implement federal controls (more so than they already have), and suspend the rights of all citizens.” ~courtesy of Off The Grid news letter.

That was only one piece. Shortly after I read it and passed it on to another friend, this next piece popped into my inbox from Mark Mix, the CEO of the National Right to Work foundation that’s working hard to protect workers from forced unionization. They were involved with that dispute that happened in Atlanta not long ago with Boeing workers refusing to be forced under a union. Here’s part of what they sent…

Big Labor has seized on the so-called “Occupy Wall Street” protests to push for more power over American workers and the economy.

“The challenge is, how do you transfer protest into power?” asked one Communications Workers of America (CWA) union boss, sensing an opportunity to turn up class warfare against job providers and force more workers into dues-paying ranks.

You see, despite the early media reports, “Occupy Wall Street” isn’t just a reaction against the bank bailouts.

It’s looking more and more like yet another excuse to demand bigger government, more spending, and higher taxes.
No wonder Big Labor is so eager to bus in protestors and subsidize the rallies — all paid for by forced dues

Giving full proof to the first statement and hopefully, making all of us aware so if you should be approached to participate, you at least know whose behind it. If you feel this information was useful, please PASS IT ON!

E-mail sent out/received 10/08/11

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