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Diving Mercy Image – Mystical…

May 22, 2012

For the last few weeks I’ve noticed something very peculiar with my favorite image of the Divine Mercy.  I’ve seen tears, red tears, streaming down my Savior’s face.  For much of those same weeks, I too have felt great sorrow and have often reflected and focused on my Savior’s BLEEDING Sacred Heart.  Today, the question of “Why?” was fully answered by a fellow blogger and watchman:

“I am hearing it from several watchmen throughout the world: there is a deep grief in their souls as well, an abiding sorrow beneath the facade of daily life. It is because the time of this particular watching is coming to a close; the time of warnings are soon to expire; the last trumpet blasts to wake up a sleeping Church and a comatose world are now being sounded. There is something coming upon the world very soon.” ~Mark Mallett, The Last Hour, May 20th, 2012


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