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Guess what I did yesterday?…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on August 28, 2008

I actually read a book!  “What?” you say.  “A book?  Big deal!”  Actually, it IS a BIG DEAL, because this book was fiction and for fun!

I haven’t read a fiction book for fun in the last 2 1/2 years!  I’ve been so inundated with text books and required theological reading (all very wonderful and well worth it ), but so time consuming that if ever I wanted to read a book of fiction, I didn’t have the energy or the eye-sight left to do so.

So yesterday, whilst I was a bit on the bedridden side (thanks to a very large tropical depression making its way through the area, and a rather painful injury sustained in 11th grade that makes me something akin to a human barometer), I picked up a book that I had set aside for a friend of mine and began to read.

I read and I read and I read!  It was wonderful!!!  I had forgotten how much I really do love to read.  The book chosen is also rather significant as God has continued to take me into the “I have something really wonderful planned for you…TRUST in Me” journey that has me waiting in anticipation for the next step mentioned in the last post.

The story is entitled, The Crossroads, and is written by Beverly Lewis.  She writes about the Amish and Mennonite communities – of which her family is distantly related to – of the Pennsylvania Dutch origin.  In this particular story, the main character – Rachel Yoder – is coming to terms with her Trust and Faith in the Lord and what He has planned for her.  She had lost her husband and only son in a terrible buggy-car accident 2 1/2 years earlier as well as miscarrying her unborn son.  The very memory of that terrible accident caused her so much pain that she repressed it to the point of making herself blind.  It’s called in medical terms blind hysteria , and truly does exist.  Kudos to Lewis for her research!

Any rate, in this book two (it’s a two part series), Rachel is ready to come to terms with her self-inflicted blindness and begin healing from her emotional scars.  Though she is turning to God for her entire healing, her family (through no fault of their own – just plain ignorance – yes, all pun intended), are caught up in the practice of “White Witchcraft” or powwow-doctoring.  Those involved receive these “healing gifts” down through the family line that come from… no one knows…  At any rate, the underlying story involves Rachel’s discovering of a great-uncle’s encounter with a deceived Bishop who claimed to have that power and wanted to pass it on to him.  Gabe refused the gift and received a curse instead.

The book continues on to discover the power of prayer and spiritual warfare as Rachel begins the process of praying not only for her eyesight to return, but also the healing of her family from the generations past to the present day.  The gift of powwowin’ and healing had been present in her family to the great-great-great grandparents.  Gabe recognized its dangerous ties with Satan and his dominions, and Rachel comes to the same conclusion through a series of events that intertwine with her own healing from the loss of her husband and children.  Btw, her other child – Annie – did survive the accident and is another character mentioned throughout the story.

The connection that I recognize with me is: Rachel is trying hard to wait on God and Trust in His perfect timing, just as I am waiting on God, Trusting in His perfect timing.

God has made it clear that I’m here (Steubenville, OH) for one more month.  The next question is, will next month be in Louisianan?  Oh, how I wish I could trust HIM better!  Maybe this month will be a time God will increase that virtue in me?  Please, Lord, increase this virtue in me!  Purify my heart!

One definitely wonderful thing will come of this month: I’m going to get more time at my beloved parish of St. Pete’s!  After having visited another parish with a friend of mine west of here, I’m beginning to quickly appreciate the Catholic Identity and community that exists in Steubenville.  It’s unlike anything ever experienced!  So I intend to experience as much of it as I can before I leave. 🙂

Reading at daily Mass, spending quality time with my Lord in the setting of the Adoration chapel or on the altar in my hidden location.  Praying the daily Rosary with the group that meets prior to the 5:15p Mass (just FYI Steubenville folk – that’s at 4:40p, M-F), and participating in any small gatherings that I can when they present themselves.

But having this much time on my hands also means I’ll be able to do some more necessary writing.  On that note, I’m going to begin another series but this time on the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  God has it planned out, so I’m just gonna start writing and wait and see how many parts it becomes. 🙂

Rest assured, however many parts, it will be linked when completed, just as I did with Sin and Redemption.

Okay folks!  It’s going on 3:10p and my back is screaming for me to go home and for heaven sakes, put your back brace back on! So I think I’d better ablidge.   Thanks for taking a moment to read my post!  Hope you’ll stick around a while and peruse the site.  God Bless! ~Anne Elizabeth 🙂

Posted: 8/28/2008 6:07pm EST

God has a MARVELOUS sense of humor! So I told ya’ll how I’ve been trying to wait on the Lord n’all, when today God gave me an answer just a few hours after I said, “Lord, I need to know soon…am I moving or not?”  And then Aaron called and said, “Make ready to move.”

Doesn’t God have a wonderful sense of humor?

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A “Half Baked Notion” of…oh duh!

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on April 4, 2008

Have you ever had a day when you looked at your life and thought, “Gee, if I could only have this or if I could only do that.”  Or maybe you do what I do, and you ask out of exasperation, “Why did you do that, Lord?  Was that really necessary?”  Today was just such a day, and today God gave me exactly what I had asked for, even though it’s not exactly what I thought He would do.  Isn’t that just like God?

One of my good friends greeted me this morning with joyous tidings of what God had done for her.  He gave her the money she needed for rent the night before, and then gave her rest from a rather large assignment so she could consentrate on her upcoming final examinations.  All within a period of 24hours, and all as a result of prayer.  This sent me into profound reflection as I myself had made certain petitions, had asked in prayer for certain things, and was too blinded to see the immediate results.

First, I had asked that a certain gentleman be brought more into my life, and though I had meant significantly more into my life, God knew what I really  needed, so he brought this man somewhat into my life.  I had asked God to show me the next step that He wanted to take in my life – do I remain here for the summer or move on?  He answered by lining up classes and several prospective jobs.  Without six credits, I do not receive the full funding needed for school and living expenses, so the answer was obvious; though not quite what I had expected.

Yes, I was wrapped up once again into my own imagination and I told God what I wanted Him to do.  But thanks be to God, He is merciful!  He chuckled to Himself and gently reminded me, “Anne, I AM IN CHARGE, not you.”  Or as my friend Carol likes to joke, “God’s in charge, not Charles.”  (btw…This joke will only be understood by us 34 or older…)  His ways are not our ways.  His plans always seems to surpass what we think He will do. 

Lastly, I had asked God to tell me when should I start to actively seek publishing the writings written over the last year and a half, and how should I do that?  Today He answered, loud and clear, the same answer He gave me last August – I just wasn’t paying attention.  So here I am, typing this first message on my new site, thanks to a friend who knew what to do, and who had told me all this back in August, 2007!  My answer?  Good Grief!  Why can’t I get this right?  Or as one of my favorite singers says, “…been practicing for 30-some years.  Should have walked a thousand miles, so what am I still doing here?” ~Chris Rice 

I agree!  Let’s start walking, shall we?

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