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Week 3, Day 14 of 40…already?!

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on March 4, 2017


Yes…ALREADY! The days have been shortened considerably, ask any geologist about the earthquake in Chili back in 2010!  and see what they have to say. And since then we’ve had many, many, MANY large earthquakes in usual spots but also in some unusual locations.  But from God’s perspective, He said while He was on earth that…

“And if those days had not been shortened no human being would be saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” ~Mt 24:22 (a good expanded reading on this can be found here…)

Which again further restates what these Lenten posts have said from day one, NOW is the time to PREPARE for the coming Passion of Christ.   As St Paul tells us:

We beg you not to receive the GRACE of God in vain.  For He says, “In an acceptable time I have heard you; on a day of salvation I have helped you.”  NOW is the ACCEPTABLE TIME! NOW is the DAY OF SALVATION! ~2 Cor 6: 1-2, Evening Prayer 1, Second Sunday of Lent, Christian Prayer (emphasis added).

So during this “Acceptable Time” you have made a list of FIVE (5) things that you would like to change about yourself.  Habits that need weeding from your heart so that your service to God could be more complete in the LOVE that you truly have for Him…for if you didn’t you would not be here reading this blog…

In the first week, the emphasis was on OBEDIENCE, that same obedience that Jesus demonstrated in the desert during those first 40 days…

“And Jesus answered him, ‘It is written, Man shall not live on bread alone.’ but that man lives by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the LORD.” (cf. Deut 8:3c). ~Luke 1:4

Obedience came when you made the list and committed yourself to the asking the Lord to Bless [You] and Make [You] Holy. Every time you caught yourself either doing or maybe even before you did that ONE (1) thing, you OBEDIENTLY repeated that prayer.  Good job, btw! 😉

The second week we are asked to come before the Lord in all HUMILITY, again in imitation of  Jesus as He did during those first 40 days…

“It is said, ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God.’ ” ~Luke 4:12

You acknowledged before God that [YOU] can do NOTHING without HIM. Removing PRIDE is very hard to do as it seems to be ingrained within our very being, so in practicing this a great feat was accomplished within your very being…well done! 🙂

Yes, we are reminded in our humility that, TRULY, we are totally dependent on God.  Everything that we do is because God has given us the ability.  Our very BREATH and the ability to draw that breath even comes from God as the book of Genesis reminds us, God…

“formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. ~Gen 2:7 (kind of makes ya think about Ash Wednesday, doesn’t it?)

This week is the practice of WISDOM which reminds us that we do not JUST Love and Worship God, but that we ALSO Let God BE GOD. (You can click  Week 2 for a review on the results of when these three they are practiced faithfully). How can this be done?  Good question… read on!

WEEK 3, DAY 14 of Lent:

Got your list in hand?  Okay!  Visit your THIRD (3rd) thing.  During this week you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice WISDOM by CHOOSING NOT TO DO that THIRD(3rd) thing but INSTEAD, letting God DO HIS THING!

When that thing presents itself and you find yourself FACE  to FACE WITH it or actually DOING the dreaded thing… STOP! … Repeat: LORD, NOT MY WILL, BUT YOURS BE DONE.  I can do NOTHING without YOU.  Please, Bless me and make me HOLY.

Psst…Do you see a pattern emerging?  If you hadn’t worked on calling out to God in OBEDIENCE during that first week, then you wouldn’t have had the GRACES to acquire the HUMILITY needed to act with WISDOM in asking that God’s Will be done and not yours. Pretty cool, huh? 😉

Speak with WORDs of LOVE: Lord Almighty, YOU know me better than myself.  YOU know my strengths and my weaknesses.  YOU know my shortcomings but also what I am capable of.  Help me during these 40 days to come before YOU in all humility, seeking the GRACES necessary to LOVE and SERVE YOU better as I travel through these 40 days as Your Son did before me.  LORD, YOUR WILL BE DONE, not mine.  I know I can do nothing without You.  Bless me, and make me Holy.  In the Savior’s name, Jesus Christ, I pray.  Amen.

Now let us all with one accord, in fellowship with ages past, keep vigil with our heavenly Lord, in His temptation and His fast.  The covenant so long revealed, to faithful men in former time, Christ by His own example sealed, the Lord of love in love sublime.  This LOVE, O Lord, we sinful men have not returned, but falsified.  Author of Mercy, turn again, and see our sorrow for our PRIDE.  ~ St. Gregory the Great, 540-604 A.D.


The Coming Refuges and Solitudestotally connects to what is written above

Need the skinny again on what Lent is all about?  Visit here and read on…

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Nativity (Birth) of Mary

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on September 8, 2016

Hail, Mary, Full of Grace!

Hail, Mary, Full of Grace!

Greetings!:  Recently we celebrated the birth of the Mother of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. This reflection as seen from the eyes of the Mother of the Redeemer, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Please refer to the: INTRODUCTION if you are a first time reader, as it explains the origin of the reflection below.


AFTER GOD HAD CREATED Mary’s immaculate soul, He showed it to the choirs of angels in heaven, and they felt intense joy upon seeing its unique beauty.

Then, as Mary’s soul was infused into her body, her holy mother, St. Ann, was filled with the [Holy Spirit] and experienced an extraordinary devotion and happiness. Throughout rest of her life, and especially during the next nine months, she constantly received new graces and enlightenment concerning the great mystery of the Incarnation, and frequently praised the Lord in canticles of love.

However, in order to increase her merit, God allowed St. Ann to undergo grievous trials during her pregnancy… Satan did not know that her daughter was to be the Mother of the Saviour,… [but] he did his best to tempt and disturb and harm her… she resisted all his attacks with humble fortitude, patience, and prayer.

St. Ann, mother of Mary, pray for us!

St. Ann, mother of Mary, pray for us!

Next, Satan incited some of St. Ann’s women friends to treat her with open scorn and mockery because of her late pregnancy.  St. Ann did not permit herself to be upset by this injustice, but in all meekness and humility she bore the insults and acted with still greater kindness toward these women.

Early in September, St. Ann was informed interiorly by the Lord that the time of her daughter’s birth was near…she sent for three of her closest women relatives…When she told St. Joachim, he rejoiced and went among his flocks in order to choose the finest lambs, goats, and bulls, which he sent to the Temple in care of his servants as an offering of gratitude to the Lord.

One evening the three women arrived and embraced Ann, congratulating her warmly. Standing with them, she poured forth her deep joy and thankfulness in a beautiful spontaneous canticle,…St. Ann prayed until nearly midnight…While she was praying thus, a supernatural light began to fill the room. Noticing it, the three friends threw themselves onto the floor and hid their faces in awe.  So the dazzling light entirely surrounded St. Ann, making her invisible.

A moment later she was holding in her hands a beautiful, spotless, radiant baby, which she tenderly wrapped in her cloak and pressed to her heart. With tears of fervent love joy, she gazed at her child and then, raising her eyes to heaven and holding up the baby, she prayed:

“O Lord and Creator, with eternal thanks I offer Thee this blessed fruit of my womb which I have received from Thy bounty without any merit of mine. But how shall I be able to treat such a child worthily?”

God gave her to understand that she was to bring up her daughter with all motherly love and care but without outward show of reverence, while retaining inwardly profound veneration for the future Mother of the Messiah.

Later St. Ann retired to her room and lay down on her bed with her baby in a little cradle next to her, and St. Joachim was called in. The holy old man knelt beside the bed, deeply moved at the sight of this lovely daughter for which he and his dear wife had waited and suffered for twenty long years. While warm tears flowed freely down his cheeks, he carefully took the baby in his arms and sang a fervent hymn of praise to God.

The next day many friends and neighbors of St. Ann St. Joachim came to see the baby and congratulate the happy parents. Everyone was deeply touched upon seeing little Mary lying in her cradle, wrapped in her red and gray swaddling clothes, and there was general rejoicing.

Now in heaven the Blessed Trinity announced to the choir of angels:  “Our Chosen One shall be called Mary, and this name is to be powerful in grace.”


Saint Anne with her daughter, Mary, the Mother of God

Saint Anne with her daughter, Mary, the Mother of God

Hail [Mary], full of Grace, the Lord is with you! ~Luke 1:28

As we continue to pray and prepare for the coming of God – Jesus Christ – both into our hearts and in to human flesh, may we ever be mindful of the privilege and power that God has given to His Mother.  Especially we our society so frequently abuses her name and virginity.  PRAY for those who wound God so closely with their words of ignorance and hatred!  It is they who will receive much justice at the hand of the Returning King.

Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, [Jesus]! ~Luke 1:42

Pray for US SINNERS, now and at the hour of our death.  Amen!

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