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A Personal Post…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on September 27, 2008

I hope the series on Reconciliation has help some of my readers who have experienced fear and/or doubt when considering such an important Sacrament.  Especially when the connection between the Holy Eucharist and the complimentary power between the two is seen and understood.  But now I think it’s time to get back to a more personal nature… at least until God directs me to write about another important issue. 🙂

For the last week and a half, my friend Carol and I have been stripping wallpaper in her dining room, making it ready for painting, discovering that wallpaper is not the best idea for any room! Holy smokes!!!  The amount of work it has taken to get this paper off the walls has been unbelievable!  Thankfully, at the suggestion of my mom, we found an enzyme spray that helps to eat away at the glue behind the paper.  Just in case you need a visual, we will have gone through almost three spray bottles (32oz ea) of the stuff!

But the time spent together has been priceless! With Carol moving two hours away, and with my move to Louisiana now canceled, things are gonna get kind of lonely around here.   So, as much time as us two dear friends can spend together, the better!

Plus, I have the privilege of continuing to watch her son, Andrew, develop into a very active and intelligent little boy.  The most exciting thing, the Child has finally agreed to use the “Big Boy Potty”!  Now, for those of you who are parents of little boys, you appreciate what I’m typing.  For those of you who do not have little boys, allow me to direct you to a routine done by Bill Cosby:

“My wife said to me, ‘You know, little boys are harder to potty train then little girls.’  Now to me, that sounds like a female-chauvinist-pig remark.  But my son says, ‘What mommy says is true.’  The boy’s three years old, I remember when my girls were 36months they didn’t like it.  They’d come into the room, “Oooo, oooo, ooo…’ and we’d say, ‘Oh gosh!’ pick them up and get ’em into the toilet, head first…we didn’t care, so long as they were in there.

“My son is three years old and hasn’t said anything yet.  Just walks around the house, carrying that duct he’s got, 300 flies following him wherever he goes.  And you never know nothin’ until he passes you by… ‘Uh, son.  You got a load?’  ‘Yeah, but it’s in the diaper.'”

Well, that was Andrew until just a couple weeks ago.  Except his diaper had graduated to a Pull-up, and as any parent knows, the Pull-up is not for containing large amounts of fluid, and certainly doesn’t work for solids!  There were so many instances when the Pull-up was so full of fluid, it overflowed and went down his leg!  Now, if we were at Carol’s house, no big deal.  But how often did that occur?  NEVER! 🙂

He’s also beginning to really speak intelligently.  Now this often is a good thing, but as an parent knows, “kids got to test their limits”, else how would then know how far they can go?  Sometimes the phrases and attitude that come from his mouth cause us both to do a double-take and say, “What did he say?!” His imagination has also begun to develop.  It’s really entertaining to hear him playing.  He has only a few sticks, or some plastic toys, and somehow he’s conquering evil kingdoms or fighting bad ghosts, or saving Daniel and placing the bad-guys in the lions den.

Soon he’ll be out of his taking afternoon naps – Lord help us!  Soon he will begin to really think on his own, keeping both Carol and her husband – and myself whenever I happen to be around – on our toes!  Soon he’ll be into his own-thing, rapidly becoming a young man, and the adults in his life will wonder, “Where did the time go?”

In Closing:  So for all you home owners out there, AVOID WALLPAPER AT ALL COSTS!  Keep your garage door in good shape, someday you may have to paint it!  Remember, you may not always be in the same house.  Be kind to those who will come in after you…fix those cracks before they become a problem. 🙂

To all you parents: Enjoy your children as much as you can while they are still small!  Have fun with bath-time, I highly recommend cleaning bubble-bath, cuts your wash time in half and they’re LOTS OF FUN! The one I found smells like bubble-gum! Yum!

When your child wants you to play with them, try to take just 20 minutes and PLAY.  Pretty soon they’re not going to ask.

Watch what you say and do…THEY PICK UP EVERYTHING! Nothing more embarrassing than having them repeat something you didn’t know they heard to a complete stranger as you’re shopping in the grocery store.

Be firm but loving…you are the parent, they are the child, a lifetime of discipline begins young and can never be reclaimed if missed.  And finally…

Have a wonderful rest of September!  Fall is definitely on its way!!!  I highly recommend taking yourself (and your family if you have one) out for a drive in a wooded area to see the changing leaves take on their splendid fall colors!  God is DEFINITELY an artist. 🙂

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