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Persied Meteor Show…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on August 12, 2008

Now you are very early or else very late… what’s your view of it? ~ Marty: Return to Me, MGM 2000.

Get this, early this morning after I completed my 12a-1am Holy Hour, I returned to my friend’s house and went online to do some last minute “surfing” before going to bed.  Somehow I stumbled on a find for the Perseid Meteor Show 2008, which was scheduled to be viewable from 9:30p EST until sunrise.

Well, I had plenty of alertness within me, having enjoyed a quick cup of coffee before going to my Holy Hour to insure my conscious state, so I followed the impulse and drove East to “see what I could see”.

I really hadn’t thought ahead, I had just enough gas to get me out and back, but I was still wearing my skirt from the daytime, sandals with no socks, and only my purple wrap to keep me warm.  What can I say?  I don’t usually do things on an impulse.  I’m typically a planner, but when this impulse presented itself, I thought I’d try something a bit new for me.

Thankfully I do not live too far from Pennsylvania, and before one arrives at the outskirts of Pittsburgh, you’ve got pretty rural settings with very little light.  I took the first exit, turned left, and headed North knowing I was already east.  The sources I had found said that the starfield for best viewing was in the Northeastern sky.  I drove on 18 North, saw many small communities, and wondered if they really enjoyed living out so far from civilization ?  Gas prices for them was over $4…

By the time I had made the fifth turn I was almost ready to give up.  So far all I saw for viewing spots were tree surrounded and no real parking ability where I wouldn’t be in any danger from any passing traffic.  I was just about to turn around when God said, “Just a little further, Anne.  I promise, I’m bringing you to the best viewing sight you’ve ever seen.”

I climbed a small hill and at the top were fields on both sides of the road.  The right side had fencing and cows, but the left side was wide open with plenty of space available for parking, and far enough off the road so as to keep my car and I safe from oncoming traffic.  I rejoiced, turned around and parked the car.  Grabbing a bag of pretzels that I brought for snacking and my water bottle, I got out and rested myself on the hood of my “new” Dodge Neon.  Not long after, I realized that it was awkward holding all that, so I promptly returned them to the car.

My Neon provided an excellent viewing couch – so to speak.  The engine kept the hood warm which is where my torso rested.  My feet and legs were in front of the grill propping me up as my hood is too small for all 5’5″ of me, and did fairly well providing a little heat to the legs.  Mind you, I did quite a bit of shifting as I gazed up at God’s glorious creation, and I did get a bug-bite or two from some industrious little mites. But I digress…

I could see it all!  The Milkyway, surrounding galaxies and clusters, neighboring stars and long-past supernovas that still sent out their pulses even though they were no more.  It was AMAZING!  I just rested there and looked up at Him and all His wonders… and yes, I counted several meteors as they entered into our atmosphere and burned with fury.

I was there from 2:30a to 4am, just in awe and worship of my God and all that He has created.  The dome of the sky surrounded me, and I felt as if I were in a very large planetarium.  I watched the Space Station set on the western horizon, I saw the subtle movement of the earth and the heavens as the Milkyway continued its slow “progression” across the night sky, and I felt ever so privileged to be alive and… single!

I wondered – very briefly – if I were a mother would I have dragged my kids out of their beds to come with me and possibly watch the night show?  I like to think I would have, knowing they could have stayed in the car if they were more interested in sleeping.  Back to topic…

I saw a total 20-25 meteors.  About 7 or 8 of them were large and burned brightly upon entering our atmosphere, but most were small and cutesy, quick to enter and quick to burn up.  It was kind of like when ya go to get your eyes checked, and they check your periferal vision?  I picked a single spot and watched all around me as the meteors showered away.  It was incredible, even though the night was cold and the climax of the event wasn’t to happen until sunrise.  Still, I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything.

My Lord and my God, You are ever so amazing!  Thank You for all that You have done in my life, for all that You have created so that I can continue to know You more intimately.  What an amazing gift You have given Your Creation!  Small and vastly incomparable to Your greatness am I.  How wonderful You are to take so much time and care with someone as small as me.  Thank You, Lord!  I love you, I LOVE YOU,… I LOVE YOU TOO. 🙂

For mor information visit on the event you can visit:
NASA’s web site: click here
Space.Com: click here

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