Living in the Two Hearts

My Spiritual Insights and Musings

What do these questions suggest about YOU?

Favorite Color: This is meant to reflect your personality
Mine is Purple because it’s quirky and fun

Favorite Animal: This is meant to reflect some character traits you’re looking for in a Spouse
I chose a Cat, because they are Independent and Individual (they “know” who they are.  You don’t need to define a cat! They tell you “who” they are.) 😉

Dark room with a keyhole: Meant to reflect where you are in your spiritual journey.
I wrote that I would go towards the light and look through the key hole.

A bear is getting ready to charge ya: This is meant to reflect how you handle conflicts in your life
I wrote: I would look at the bear and start to ask it some questions like, “How are you today?  Enjoying your walk?  Me too.  What to join me on my walk?”  Honest!  That’s what I wrote. 🙂

Millions upon millions of dollars: This question is two fold: 1) how you relate to yourself and how you relate to others.
I wrote: I would pay off all the debt incurred from this education process.  Then I would set aside money for myself, but just for what I need (food, shelter, second-hand clothing; nothing elaborate).  Then I would pay off the mortgages on my friend’s homes.  If they have serious credit debt as a result of their mortgages, then I would assist them in paying that off too.  I would then give them a little extra to put in the bank for interest purposes to help keep them out of unnecessary debt. Okay, friends, start praying! 😉

What answers did you get?  Wanna share any of them?

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