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The Car Replacement…

For the last two or so weeks I have striven to work with God on TRUSTING Him better, and on the better practice of Obedient of Faith; all these things God has made very clear are extremely important in my life right now.  Well, a few days ago God did something completely unexpected.  He replaced my car!

My 1999 Dodge Stratus had 137,000+ miles on it.  God gave me that car in December, 2005, and it moved me from Wyoming to Ohio.  I had just about everything new on that car minus the engine, transmission, and one set of breaks.  I was looking at finally taking care of those breaks, as I noticed they weren’t breaking very well when God said, “Do NOT put any more money into that car.  I AM going to replace it.”  This was just before the retreat.  I thought, “but I have to drive long distance to this retreat.  Is the car going to make it?”  God – so patient with me! – smiled, chuckled, and said, “I AM God.”  To which I responded with an apology and a ‘doh!’.  It did drive well and the gas mileage was better than usual.

When I returned home, I kind of put it out of my mind that the breaks needed attending to until… going down a rather steep hill I was reminded that the breaks needed attending to. But again, God said even more loudly and clearly, “Do not put any more money into that car.  I AM replacing it soon.”

So, this past Wednesday I was greatly encouraged in my “gradually waking up process” to go to the 8:30am Mass.  This meant I was going to get to read! I definitely agreed and got dressed and headed out the door.  Upon arrival, the servers and Brother were already there and ready to go, whilst Msgr. was leading the Rosary.

I went and occupied a hidden seat with kneeler making my ‘hellos’ to the Christ who is present there.  It’s on the main altar area, but well hidden from view, so I love sitting there – close to my Jesus, but unknown to anyone out in the pews. It was during this moment that God asked a specific favor of me.

Would I allow Him to completely direct my day?  Would I be willing to practice what I have been praying: “Jesus, take my memory, my Will, my freedom, and my understanding.  All that You have given to me that I cherish, I give back to You to be guided by Your holy and perfect Will.  All I ask for, my Jesus, is Your Love and Grace to pour over me…” ~ Adapted from St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Well, how could I refuse this chance to practice what I have asked for?  I agreed, graces flowed over me, and the day began under His guidance all the way.

What did He have in mind?  He replaced my car!  During the entire process – which I might add was almost identical to the last time God replaced my car – I kept repeating “Your Will be done, Oh God.  If this isn’t You doing, let nothing come of it.”

He also did something else, he had me witness to a man who was thirsting for the Grace of God!  It was incredible!  I give him a copy of a book that I had received multiple copies of from that Passion and Purpose retreat I had attended.  The Retreat was pretty expensive, but God provided the funds, and now I knew why it was so expensive, because I had reading materials to pass out!  Praise be to God!

I also came to another understanding.  I had wondered why, after being dept free for nearly 7 years, God would choose to have me take out loans for school?  Well, if I had not re-established a credit history – for my debt free state was due to the fact that I had no credit cards – then I would not have been approved for the loan and low interest rate that purchased the car.

The TOTAL TRUST comes in with the very truth that I HAVE TO BELIEVE God has a job lined up somewhere in order to make the very low car payments that I now have.  EVERYTHING that occurred that day was unexplainable and certainly seemed quite extraordinary.  All that worked that day made these comments throughout the day, including the sales rep that worked with me of whom I witnessed to.  Now, you might ask, how did I witness to him?

By just being me!  This comment was made to me at that retreat, “You seem so happy!  Why are you so happy?”  Antonio made the same comment, over and over again, and this time I had the answer (again thanks to that refocusing retreat), “God’s grace flows inside of me.  THAT is why I’m so happy!”  THIS is why I can TRUST Him even better than before.  Praise be to God that He IS so patient with us.  Praise be that I took the opportunities He gave me to grow in this area. 🙂

Antonio was on his second marriage, and he and his second wife had two small children.  He had three children nearly grown from his first marriage.  He saw the grace, asked what it was, and then wanted to know how to get it.  The book will hopefully lead him in the direction of seeking out God and His Grace, and in particular, as it this Grace is found within the Catholic Church.  Who knows where the Holy Spirit will go with Antonio?!

I’m hopeful that I’ll see Antonio again – if not in this life at least in the next – and perhaps his wife and kids will be there to?   Part way through the day I even said to God, “Lord, even if it is not Your Will that my car should be replaced today, I know that You brought me here to bring You to Antonio and his family.  Your Will be done, Lord.  Thank you for this opportunity!”

Yet, much to my great surprise, He DID replace my vehicle with a newer vehicle that had fewer problems than the previous one.  It’s a 2005 Dodge Neon.  It’s smaller than my last car, so I’m hopeful I’ll not be moving too far.  My last car I could pack a great deal in it.  But again, God’s Will be done, whatever it is!  For whatever IT is, I know its better than mine, and IT WILL make me happier … definitely… Yeah..


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