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Meditation for June 12, 2008

Just how much does our faith influence God? Can our prayers really change his mind?
Not exactly.

While it is true that God never changes, it is also true that our faith plays a large role in our relationship with him—and thus opens us up to his awesome power. In the gospels, Jesus often says that a person’s faith has saved him or healed him or that faith can move mountains. Somehow our faith seems to open a channel for the power of God to flow in our own lives and in the world.

So if faith can heal, save, and move mountains, is it too much to ask for a little rain? Not to Elijah! He had stood alone, firm in his faith, while hundreds of false prophets lined up against him in support of a false god. Trusting God, he watched as fire from heaven consumed a sacrifice that he had offered in an effort to turn the people back to God (1 Kings 18:36-38).

Now, as he again gazes into a cloudless sky, Elijah believes. He trusts God to send the rain that Israel needed so desperately. He checks the clear skies over and over. Then, in God’s perfect time, a cloud “as small as a man’s hand” appears and develops into a full sky of black clouds and a blessed downpour
(1 Kings 18:44-45)!

Perhaps you are currently experiencing a drought of some kind and would love to see the hand of God bring long-awaited blessing to your life. Is it a spouse you long for? Or children? Are family issues or physical ailments causing you pain? Does the lack of peace in the world burden you? Follow Elijah’s example. Elijah’s name means “Yahweh is God.” So is he, or isn’t he?

Don’t just look to the barren fields in front of you. Look to the heaven above you as well, and hope and trust in the Lord. Don’t give in to grief and doubt. God finds it hard to resist expectant, unwavering faith! God’s hand will surely come. His rain will come. It may not come right away, in the form you expect, but it will come. In his perfect time, blessings will flow!

Heavenly Father, in your goodness, pour your Spirit into me. I will look to you only. I believe that only you can make my heart sing a new song.

Psalm 65:10-13; Matthew 5:20-26

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