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A Personal Vision

August, 2008

This is what I saw:

Bodies of average men and women strewed about on main roads.  Their eyes were still open and in death; their bodies where either rotting or compressed as if flattened.

Children were also present, half-beaten, half-alive, left alone in the gutters for some kind person to have pity on them and take them home.  They may have been the children of those adults who were dead.

It seems that there are no more public hospitals.  They appear to be deemed “unnecessary” to this current affluent society.

For again, the bodies I saw were not the picture of homeless folks who have no where else to go.  No.  They were dressed well with well kept hair.  Their deaths appeared deliberate and possibly carried out by trusted others, for their frozen expressions upon their faces were all of surprise.

During this dream I drove two vehicles.  The first was a mini-bus full of children.  The next was an SUV whose other passengers were a very clueless woman and a rather rude man with injured hands.  It was during both trips that the above mentioned bodies were observed and I had wondered why no one was taking the time to remove the bodies which were very much in the way of passing vehicles.  Needless to say, many of those vehicles did not bother to go around either the bodies or the children.  I myself had to make frequent stops and swerves.

*Note: I make no claim to seeing anything pertaining to the future.  The vision I had just happened to correspond to the passage in Jeremiah, so I belived it worthy of note.  Take what you have read with a ‘grain of salt’, watch and pray – keeping sober  and alert.

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