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Salvation of Souls… Kenosis Part II

“I was giving a lecture once…and after the lecture… I saw something that looked like a Grecian statue.  And I went over, and it was a woman in an Iron Lung and she was swallowed in white, you couldn’t see the arms.  The only part of her body that she could move was her head.

“And she said, ‘I’m a convert of yours’.  And I said, ‘I’ve never seen you before.’  She said, ‘No…but it was from reading some of your books.’ And I said, ‘Do you understand your cross?’ And she said, ‘Yes.  I do.  I am not suffering for my own soul, I am suffering for other souls, to save them.’  In other words, there was the death in order that there might be the life in others (cf. Jn 12:24).”

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