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Even the mainstream media is being honest about the taxpayer-subsidized abortion mandate in health care:

  • The health-care reform proposed by House Democrats, if enacted, would in fact mark a significant change in the federal government’s role in the financing of abortions. […] So in effect, anyone who wanted to sign up for the public option, a federally funded and administered program, would find themselves paying for abortion coverage […] Nonetheless, the new system differs markedly from the old federal policy of not involving the government in abortion services unless issues of rape, incest, or life of the mother are at play” -TIME, August 24, 2009, “How Abortion Could Imperil Health Care Reform.”
  • Health care legislation before Congress would allow a new government-sponsored insurance plan to cover abortions, a decision that would affect millions of women and recast federal policy on the divisive issue.” -The Associated Press, August 5, 2009, “Gov’t Insurance Would Allow Coverage for Abortion.”
  • Obama has said in the past that ‘reproductive services’ would be covered by his public plan, so it’s likely that any new federal insurance plan would cover abortion unless Congress expressly prohibits that… Therefore, we judge that the president goes too far when he calls the statements that government would be funding abortions ‘fabrications.’”, August 21, 2009, “Abortion: Which Side is Fabricating?”

Polls consistently show that the overwhelming majority of Americans are pro-life. Abortion must be explicitly excluded to ensure the pro-life views of Americans are properly reflected in any health care reform effort.

Despite all of Obama’s rhetoric about “common ground” and “reducing unwanted pregnancies,” his track record shows a clear and consistent support and promotion of abortion on-demand. Barack Obama is, without a doubt, the abortion president.

Pro-Life concerns are factual, not fabrications.

The Capps Amendment, as passed by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, explicitly requires every enrollee of a government-subsidized health insurance plan to be charged an extra fee to cover abortions. The federal agency administering the health care plan will collect the premium money, receive bills from abortionists, and send the abortionists payment checks from the federal Treasury account.

That’s right. Our taxpayer dollars will go straight from the Treasury to the hands of an abortionist.

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