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Sin & Redemption… Parts 1- 4: Book of Romans

The following pages are posts that I did for about a week reviewing information I had received while attending an Applied Biblical Studies Conference in Steubenville, OH, at Franciscan University.

The Authors I feature are:
Dr. Scott Hahn
Dr. Brant Pitre
Curtis Mitch

The conference lasted three days and there are tapes/cds/DVDs available for anyone wanting more information.  Just follow this link and just click on the “Kingdom Come” icon or choose “media” at the top of the page.  You can always find material by doing a search entering “ABS 2008” as your query.

The Four Part Series is titled: Sin and Redemption and comes from the Book of Romans, chapters 1-8.  We begin with and introduction and move on through the first 8 chapters, just “skimming the surface”, really!  There’s a lot to be found within Romans, more than could ever be covered in just three days!  I hope you enjoy the reading, and if you have any comments, questions, or concerns feel free to e-mail them to: 🙂

Introduction: So, I was at this conference…
Sin and Redemption Part I: Romans 5&6
Sin and Redemption Part II: Fulfilling Gen 3:15
Sin and Redemption Part III: Justification
Sin and Redemption Part IV: Sanctification

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