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What or who is an Exegete?

According, an Exegete is: one who is skilled in exegesis.  The word exegesis can mean explanation, but as a technical term it means “to draw the meaning out of” a given text.  An exegesis is the interpretation and understanding of a text on the basis of the text itself. A hermeneutic is a practical application of a certain method or theory of interpretation, often revolving around the contemporary relevance of the text in question.

In my biblical study courses here at Franciscan, exegesis is a type of reflection done on passages contained in the bible.  Mind you, there are some pretty technical ones out there, but I hope to keep most of mine rather simple and easy to read.

I hope you enjoy reading them.  My prayer is that they can apply directly to your life in the way the Holy Spirit desires.  If you think they can help someone else out, feel free to share them.  Just remember, they are copywritten and protected.  So no alterations, please.  Have any thoughts or comments on what you’ve read, please feel free to pass them on at:

Affectionately in the Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary! ~ Anne Elizabeth =-)

All passages come from the New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition c.2004, Oxford University Press.

All references to God in the pronoun “he” or “him” will appear captitalized regardless of translation.


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