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From Humanae Vitae

Two Inseparable Aspects: Union and Procreation

12. That teaching, often set forth by the magisterium, is founded upon the inseparable connection, willed by God and unable to be broken by man on his own initiative,..

…between the two meanings of the conjugal act: 1) the unitive meaning and the 2) procreative meaning.

Indeed, by its intimate structure, the conjugal act, while most 1) closely uniting husband and wife,..

…capacitates them for the 2) generation of new lives, according to laws inscribed in the very being of man and of woman.

By safeguarding both these essential aspects, the unitive and the procreative,..

…the conjugal act preserves in its fullness the sense of true mutual love and its ordination towards man’s most high calling…

…TO PARENTHOOD. (emphasis added)

We believe that the men of our day are particularly capable of seizing the deeply reasonable and human character of this fundamental principle.

Faithfulness to God’s Design

13. It is in fact justly observed that a conjugal act imposed upon one’s partner without regard for his or her condition and lawful desires is not a true act of love, and therefore denies an exigency of right moral order in the relationships between husband and wife. Hence, one who reflects well must also recognize that a reciprocal act of love, which jeopardizes the responsibility to transmit life which God the Creator, according to particular laws, inserted therein, is in contradiction with the design constitutive of marriage, and with the will of the Author of life.

(In other words, use contraception, engage in an act of selfishness in fulfilling one’s own selfish desire for pleasure by not sharing completely oneself with the other.  Without that sharing, life will not have the 100% ability to come into existence as designed by God. Or Use Contracept to deceit for your pleasure alone.)

To use this divine gift destroying, even if only partially, its meaning and its purpose is to contradict the nature both of man and of woman and of their most intimate relationship, and therefore it is to contradict also the plan of God and His will.

(Rest assured, you will be held accountable at the hour of your death – cf. Heb 9:27)

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