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Woman…what is her value???

One half of all U.S. mothers of school-age children are now part of the growing workforce. 70% of these working women are working full-time; 80% of these work full-time because they need the money to pay for basic necessities like rent, bills, medical, and to have the ability to raise their children alone due to the absence of a husband.

Rosenfeld vs. Southern Pacific Company: This case is considered a landmark for advancing women’s rights. This now allows women to work over-time and lift weights in excess of the prescribed limits in the work place.


More opportunity for women in the workplace

And the second thing was feminism. There was a rapid growth of interest in feminism. And certainly we had to have contraceptives because women couldn’t get in the work place and find their fulfillment unless they were having fewer babies, and the only way they could have fewer babies is with a better contraceptive.

Fewer unwanted pregnancies and abortions

And, of course, we thought there would be an enormous decrease in the number of unwanted pregnancies. Surely contraception would help people not get pregnant when they didn’t want to get pregnant. And, concomitant with a decrease in unwanted pregnancies, there would truly be a decrease in the number of abortions. Now, these were the expectations for the contraceptive pill in the 60’s. And I think none of these were stupid expectations. It seems to me, on the surface, there is a great deal of plausibility to these expectations.

Resource: Dr. Janet Smith, PhD

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