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Population Scare and the Pill

The Pill   – Society’s Hopes for the Pill – Helping the population crisis

In the 1960’s, the Pill became available. It was considered to be a great salvation of mankind for several reasons. There was the beginning of the belief that we were headed for a disaster as far as a population problem was concerned. In fact, when I was in high school, we had posters of globes with human beings falling off the globe, it was so crowded. But there actually have been no two people who have been more wrong than Malthus and Paul Ehrlich. I recommend books, one by a man named Julian Simon, and another named Ben Wattenburg, who are demographers. And there are many others such as Jacqueline Kasun, who have looked at their work.

Malthus said that the population would increase geometrically and the food supplies would only, at best, increase arithmetically. The population has increased enormously. That’s not necessarily bad news. That’s just a fact. It has increased enormously. The good news is that the food supply is wildly better off than Malthus ever dreamed. The United States could quite easily feed the rest of the globe. It’s not a problem. Modern agricultural techniques have exponentially increased our food supply. And they say we haven’t even begun to mine the ocean for food. And as for limited mineral resources, and that sort of thing, Malthus thought we certainly would run out of coal and copper and these sorts of things, but we actually have more coal and more copper now per person on the globe than Malthus thought we’d have at his time. We’ve discovered more resources, and we need them less because we have such things as atomic energy.

So I’m not here to argue against the population scare. I’m just here to tell you that there is good reason to doubt it. And you might wonder why we see these emaciated children on TV starving. And we must be overpopulated-look at all these starving children. It has little to do with population. It has a great deal to do with one tribal or ethnic group hating and starving out another tribal and ethnic group. It has a great deal to do with corrupt governments and a failure to distribute food. It has a great deal to do with natural disasters that we can have little control over. But that was one of the reasons that we thought the Pill was going to be a great thing. It was going to help us with population problems.

Dr. Janet Smith, PhD

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