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Governments and Contraception

Coercive use of contraceptive methods by governments

The third prediction was that governments would use family planning programs for coercive purposes once contraception became widely available. And it’s outrageous what’s going on in this world.

Some of you have been watching the deliberations of the UN, highly backed by the United States, to say that all economic aid to third world countries will now be tied to aggressive population programs. These countries must have aggressive distribution of contraceptives, sterilization, and ready access to abortion if we are going to feed and take care of the poor.

The women delegates to the UN are outraged at this. They find this insulting and demeaning. Like they’re being treated like breed cows. What they want is better prenatal care. What they want is better medical care. What they want is more access to education and food for their children that’s not tied to contraceptive programs.

And some of you may be familiar with the work of Steven Mosher-it’s very well documented that there are forced abortions in China. In many areas of China, if a woman has more than one baby, the second pregnancy will be forcibly aborted. Women are actually dragged out of fields late in a pregnancy and forcibly aborted. Have you seen any sort of national outrage for what’s going on in China?

Courtesy of : Dr. Janet Smith, PhD

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