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Divorce and Contraception

Increase of divorce

What about the other predictions of the secular world who thought contraception would be so great? What about this prediction that marriages would be better? I think, in some respects, marriages are better, but the divorce rate shows us that there are a lot of very bad marriages, or at least marriages that end because people think they are very bad. In fact, the divorce rate doubled between 1965 and 1975. The divorce rate had been sort-of sneaking up all century long until in the mid 1960’s it was at 25%, and then in 1975 it got up to 50%. And so in a short ten-year period, the divorce rate doubled. There’s a demographer at the University of Stanford named Robert Michael who was kind of intrigued by this, and he wondered why it was that the divorce rate doubled in a ten-year period. And he actually discovered that as the contraceptive pill became more and more available, that line was parallel to the divorce line. In about 1975-1976 when every woman who wanted access to the Pill had it, that’s when the divorce rate leveled off.

He says he can attribute 45% of this increase to increased use of contraceptives. His first observation is that the statistical data show that those who use contraceptives have fewer children and have them later in marriage. And his statistical data show that those who have the first baby in the first two years of marriage and another baby in the next couple years of marriage have a much longer lasting marriage than those who don’t. Now I’m sure everybody here in this room can tell me of someone they know who’s been married for twenty-five years with eight or ten kids who’s gotten divorced and it’s all very sad, but that’s the rarity. His data show that those who have babies sooner in marriage have a longer lasting marriage than those who do not.

~ courtesy of Dr. Janet Smith, PhD

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