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Be not afraid! Jesus we TRUST in you!

Be not afraid! Jesus we TRUST in you!

As I read his next to latest blog, I kept expecting to read a name and the phrase “and so and so came to power.”  But I did not. Because he wasn’t speaking about our past, but about our current times. This is not his full article, and I’ve added to the picture he provided to make a point. I’ve also added my [own commentary] throughout to draw this into us in the US. If you want the full story visit his site (linked to his name).

Ladies and Gentleman, Fellow Readers, please give your full attention to: Fr. Dwight Longenecker.

Ordinary people are fuming.

Ordinary, decent, down home Mom and Pop types are frightened and fed up.

In Britain and France, in the United States and Germany, in Scandinavian and Low Countries, in Spain and Italy ordinary, quiet citizens are angry and afraid.

Check out this article reporting on the huge swing towards a new right wing party in Britain. The UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party – [see picture below]) will win its first parliamentary seat with a massive swing towards a candidate who switched from the conservatives to UKIP. The polls say immigration is the big issue…

[Not much different from here in the USA, is it? Amnesty international… the thousands of innocent children being shipped in as pawns for this current regime, with diseases we eradicated decades ago in this country. And no, our vaccines are nothing but experiments now.]

Ordinary people  are afraid of the immigrants who have swept into their countries. They see how many of them are Muslims and they hear the threats from ISIS saying “We will attack Europe. We will attack the USA. We will drown you in your own blood.” Ordinary folks hear the threats and they believe them and they are frightened.

Ordinary people don’t want to be racist, but they also don’t see why their country should be over run by people who care nothing for their culture, their history or their religion. Indeed, many of them now believe the immigrants are there to destroy their culture and country—and them…

[Communist Manifesto: pit the poor against the rich, the black against the white, the citizen against the non-citizen. Come in legitimately and take care of the chaos you created.]

Then they see the corrupt, incompetent and spineless leadership of their moderate and left wing governments. The moderately left secular establishment has no answers, has no plan, has no idea what to do with such unimaginable evil that the rise of radical Islam presents.

What will happen when a strong politician arises? Let’s imagine that this guy is clean cut and smiling. Let’s imagine that he has a good looking, ordinary wife and kids. Let’s imagine that he is religious, and let’s imagine that he speaks the language of the people. He shares their concerns. He shares their fears…

[He came to bring back the pride of the nation. To lift them high when others made them low. To restore order and freedom. To give them economic stability and secured boarders.]

Let’s also imagine that he is a hardliner on immigration and terror. He’ll say, “We welcome immigrants, this nation was made great by immigrants, but we’ll welcome them on our terms, not theirs. We’ll secure our borders and welcome them in an orderly fashion helping them to integrate to our society for their own benefit and for ours.”

He’ll say about the Muslim threat, “These people are clearly barbarians. They openly threaten us. We will use the might of our armed forces. We do have a strategy. It is a sustained, effective and long term plan to eliminate the threat of radical Islam from the world to make the world a safe place for all the majority of decent people of all religions.”…

[They will see him as their savior. The restorer of peace… Someone will tell us this is who we need to trust…]

If he is strong against the foreign threat he will also be strong against the threat from within. He’ll need a strong police presence to enforce his policies at home and defend from terrorism in the homeland too…

If such a leader brought in a police state at home would the right wing citizens, the fuming and frightened–mind so much? Wouldn’t they say about the increased police presence “If you haven’t done anything wrong there is nothing to worry about?”

[Peace come with its price. Nothing to worry about, huh?]

Could such a thing happen? You only have to read the news to find that extreme right wing movements are on the rise across Europe.

When people are fuming and frightened, right wing candidates seem very attractive.

Read the signs of the times. Watch and be alert and prepare for the rise of the right.

No such thing as coincidence. History repeats itself.

No such thing as coincidence. History repeats itself.

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