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Pope Benedict’s Decision…

Emeritus Benedict XVI Web: Source unknown

Emeritus Benedict XVI
Web: Source unknown

Pope Benedict Decision to Abdicate:

I would also like to make a brief comment about Pope Benedict’s decision to abdicate from the Chair of Peter. 

BRAVE, COURAGEOUS, and demonstrating further our Pope’s deep HUMILITY. 

Nothing, NOTHING happens without God’s say so. This WILL prove a BLESSING in disguise, though we may not see it as such now.  Here are two links, though, that I think demonstrate those words above most beautifully.  One contains the Holy Father’s actual words, and the second contains the response of the College of Cardinals.  Read them, pass them on, and in the words of Blessed John Paul II – Be Not Afraid!

Holy Father’s Statement

College of Cardinal’s Response

The Pope: Thermometer of Apostasy

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