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Let us not forget…

As things continue to disintegrate because of the sins of our nation, let us not forget what our forefathers did to guarantee our freedom:

PRAY, Pray, pray for our country! Pray for her citizens and their salvation, and live the words of Our Blessed Mother:(emphasis added by me)

“Dear children! Also today I call you: live your vocation in prayer. Now, as never before, Satan wants to suffocate man and his soul by his contagious wind of hatred and unrest. In many hearts there is no joy because there is no God or prayer. Hatred and war are growing from day to day. I am calling you, little children, begin anew, with enthusiasm, the walk of holiness and love; since I have come among you because of this. Together let us be love and forgiveness for all those who know and want to love only with a human love and not with that immeasurable love of God to which God calls you. Little children, may hope in a better tomorrow always be in your heart. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

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