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By Michael Barber

By Michael Barber

New to this page?  This is a study of the book of revealing or Revelation (as it is more commonly known). The study utilizes the history surrounding the events of Jesus’ day as well as first-person accounts of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. Barber also utilizes the Church Fathers and incorporates Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scriptures with the teaching authority of the Church in perfect simplicity and clarity. After all, we are a Church of BOTH/AND = GOOD THEOLOGY, and you can’t get the full picture by focusing on only one part, can you? In turn, I’ve also added many **extra resources to further complete the picture. Primarily historic accounts because, “they who are ignorant of their past are doomed to repeat it in their future.” 

This posting is meant to be a “companion”, if you will, to Barber’s book. It in no way re-writes or represents his entire text. For that, you do need to purchase the book for yourself. In the introduction I provide two locations where you can get the book. Just click on one of the first two hyperlinks. 

Lastly, this study is truly versatile in that you can do this individually or within a group setting. However you choose, it will leave you profoundly effected and you will see St John the Evangelist’s final book in a whole new light!  God Bless and happy studying. 🙂

The Introduction and Chapter One

Chapter 2 – Sacred Scripture and the 4 Senses

Chapter 3 – The Heavenly Liturgy & The Holy Mass

** Communion in the Hand – A BIG NO NO!  pay close attention to the time span at the end of the presentation. Bernadine claims to have communicated with Rome in less than a month???

**BONUS! The 1969 Letter referenced in the above presentation about receiving the Eucharist in the hand.

**A Lesson In Sacred Scripture Parts I, II, III

** A Modern Day Eucharistic Miracle

Chapter 4 – Part I & Part II & III : Revealing the Son of Man / Coming on the Clouds

Chapter 5 – Part I & Part II: REPENT!

** Lest We Forget: Story Behind the Start Spangled Banner

**The Harbingers, the Warnings of Judgment on America

** The end of Western Culture: View the Statistics

Chapter 6 – Part I & Part II: On Earth as it is in Heaven /The first Six Seals

** The Covenant verse a Contract

** What is the Point of the Mass???

Chapter 7 – Ransom Captive Israel

Chapter 8 – Part I, II, III, IV : The Seventh Seal/ The Trumpets / Angel & the Scroll

** Ahh! Those Infamous Words!

Chapter 9 – Part I, II, III, IV: 7th Trumpet / New Creation/ The Dragon/ War in Heaven

** The Signs of Our Time

**Tale of Five Popes and a Great Ship

** Who Is Pope Francis? – not to worry, he IS our Papa!

Chapter 10 – Creation of Beasts  / Time to Get With it!/ A Look Back/ What about the Wicked?

Chapter 11 – When He Reigns, He Pours/ Back to Business: The Plagues /Hail Stones from Heaven

Chapter 12 – Location, Location, Location! /Some Interesting Parallels

Chapter 13 – 1,ooo years: that’s a long time!/ The First Resurrection/ The Lake of Fire/ Still To Come

Chapter 14 – The New Jerusalem & All It Contains!/ A Final Warning…

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