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Rosary : Reflections : The Nativity

Each reflection passage comes from The Life of Mary, As Seen by the Mystics that I had featured just this past Advent.  If you missed reading these, please refer to the Introduction before you begin these reflections that accompany the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.  God Bless you abundantly as you pray!


At six o’clock on a cold, wet, mid-winter morning, the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph set out from Nazareth on their journey to Bethlehem.  Mary was mounted sidesaddle on an unpretentious little donkey, and St. Joseph guided the animal with his right hand, holding his staff with his left.  Two bags hanging on the beast’s right side contained their provisions: some bread, fruit, and fish, and the linens which Mary had lovingly prepared for her baby.  Ten thousand angels marched along with them in dazzling forms visible only to their Queen.  She and St. Joseph alternated with this heavenly choir in singing canticles and hymns of praise to God.

They arrived at Bethlehem about four in the afternoon and made their way through the crowds to a large building where public officials were taking the census and levying taxes.  Mary rested in the court, and several women generously gave her something to eat.   St. Joseph went into a big where he was asked his name and occupation…

Later, as the sun was sinking, they began to look for lodging. While Mary waited at the end of a street, Joseph went down it from house to house, knocking at the doors of his relatives and acquaintances, but he was admitted nowhere, and in many places he met with harsh refusals and insults.

Finally, about nine o’clock, St. Joseph came back, utterly overcome, crying and trembling with heartbreaking sorrow.   Mary consoled him tenderly. Then he told her of a shepherd’s shelter outside the town. And she said:

“That will be perfectly satisfactory to me. Let us lovingly embrace poverty, dear Joseph, and go gladly wherever the Lord guides us.”

Upon entering the bare grotto which the shepherds use as a stable, they both knelt and thanked the Lord, and Mary was filled with joy at being at last in this holy place.  She immediately set about cleaning the cave with her own hands…St. Joseph…[did] likewise, and the angels helped them…they ate a frugal supper, their hearts overflowing with happiness at the thought of the impending Incarnation.

Reciting some prayers together with Mary, St. Joseph filled the manger with straw and moss and placed a cloth over it. Then he withdrew to the entrance of the cave. Looking back, he saw the holy Mother of God praying on her knees, surrounded by flames of dazzling supernatural light. Filled with reverent fear, he threw himself down on the ground and was soon rapt in an ecstatic sleep.

Mary was kneeling, with her eyes raised to heaven and… Her countenance emitted rays like the sun incarnadined, and shone in indescribable earnestness and majesty, all inflamed with the Light of God… Toward midnight a channel of brilliant light came down from the highest heaven and terminated in sparkling fire at the Blessed Virgin.

Then, in the twinkling of an eye, the infant God was born, glorious and transfigured as on Mount ThaborThere the God-Man lay, naked, utterly clean and pure…from Him radiated such marvelous light and splendor that the sun could not be compared to it…

When the holy Mother of God perceived that she been delivered – for her child came forth without pain or injury to her – she immediately bowed her head, placed a cloth over His tiny body, and adored Him with the respect and reverence, saying:

“Welcome, my God, and my Lord, and my Son!”

Then the divine Child suspended the effects of His figuration and assumed the appearance of one capable of suffering. The Babe now moved, shivered with cold, and stretching forth His little arms, cried out…

Nearly an hour after the birth, Mary called to St. Joseph. Awakening…he perceived his Saviour her arms and at once prostrated himself …[in] deepest devotion and humility. Only at her bidding did he rise… [and] with touching joy and gratitude he kissed the Babe’s feet, and [then] held the little Jesus in his arms…while tears of happiness moistened his cheeks.

Mary laid her Son in her lap, and while St. Joseph handed her the linens, she carefully and lovingly began to wrap the divine Child in swaddling clothes, drawing them tight on His small body.  Next she and Joseph gently placed the Infant in the manger.

For a long time they remained on their knees beside the crib, adoring the Christ Child and praising and thanking God.  [Then] St. Joseph took some blankets and made a resting place for Mary beside the manger.

Mary and Joseph, chosen by God to assist Him as He entered into humanity, would help the Infinite – the Creator – the maker of all things as He endured the confinement of infancy, of humanity.  What does that say to you, that YOUR God became like you, human and frail and yet remained God?  Is it even possible that such a God would do this?  Why?  Answer: LOVE

Ponder God’s LOVE for you…

Our Father…

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