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Blessed Virgin Mary

As painted by discription...

As painted by discription...

Her beautiful face with its clear and somewhat brownish complexion was more oblong than round.  Under her broad forehead, her dark eyes were large and serious and, at the same time, wondrously beautiful and gentle.  Her straight nose, her small mouth with lips neither too thin nor too thick – all her features were so symmetrical and so ideally modeled that no other human being has ever had such perfection of form. Her clothes were very humble and poor in appearance, yet spotlessly clean and neat, of a dark silver color somewhat like ashes, and she wore them without pretense, but with the greatest modesty. (The Life of Mary, As Seen By the Mystics; pg 84)

This picture was painted from the description given by the five visionaries in Medjugorje.  Remember, this book was published in 1951.  Astounding the exactness of the description and the artist’s rendition some 50 years later!

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