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An example of a religious “cell”

A cell in a convent or monastery is a small, simply furnished room, where the sister/monk sleeps and studies.  Below is an excerpt from the life of St. Anthony – the father of monasticism and not to be confused St. Anthony of Padua – and tells us a small amount about what his “cell” provided for him:

St. Anthony (250-356), however, was the publicist of the eremitical life. From youth he was retiring and for a number of years he lived as a hermit near his village…he could not reject persistent disciples and before long his solitude was shared by many other hermits. Each lived a retired life in his own cell, devoting himself to prayer, reading, and manual labor of his own choosing. The silent companionship was broken only occasionally…

Courtesy of Welcome to the Catholic Church CD-ROM, c.2008

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