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Sponsoring the Hermitage…

Best giving ever cause you KNOW how your gift will be applied…

Thanks for visiting! Just click on the picture above to make a donation. The page might take a little bit of time to load. PayPal couldn’t tell me why. So it is what it is. 🙂

If you are interested in making a monthly donation to help support this endeavor of prayer and fasting, here are some suggested amounts:

$25 – will help cover some of my phone or gas or groceries for two weeks

$50 – will help cover my phone or all of my gas and some groceries

$100 – will help pay the phone, gas, and buy groceries and fuel for the vehicle

$150 – will help pay the phone, gas, electric and leave some left over for groceries and gas for the car plus quarters for the laundry. 

My hope is, of course, that many of my subscribers will want to help out, and those amounts listed above will come forward and help with the monthly expenses. So, THANK YOU!, in advance for your generosity. Everyone who donates age immediately added to my prayer time as benefactors. So you WILL receive big time prayer for your intentions, whatever they may be!

If you know me and I know you, and you would like to send support through snail mail, just shoot me an email at: livinginthetwohearts and I’ll send along an address.

Otherwise, if you would like to receive something in return for dollars given, visit one of my Etsy stores:

Crochet Creations

Creative Collections

And remember, there’s no tax status here, so all giving will be pure charity, not regulated tax charity. Which, I think makes it all the more meaningful. Giving from the heart, not giving to get something off your taxes in return. 😉

Again, thank you, and may God Bless YOU abundantly for your caring!

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