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Anne Elizabeth

Hello, and welcome to my site of spiritual insights and musings.  A little bit about me: I am Catholic, consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a lay woman in her fourth decade of living and loving every minute of the Grace Filled Life God has granted to me!  And yes, the picture to the left is my 35th year, but hey, my hair is still red, mostly… 🙂

With a healthy dose of sarcasm and fun, God has instilled in me an appreciation for His obvious sense of humor, while providing insights into the my life and all life around me.  He has increased my own personal knowledge of Him and His Church when He brought me out to Ohio to earn a degree in Theology.  Of which, I’m happy to announce I completed my Masters Degree of Theology in 2008.

However, before that fateful year, in Fall of 2007 God gave me the greatest gift thus far, a semester of study in Rome, Italy.  A semester that changed my life profoundly!  So in 2009 when God asked me to enter into Voluntary Poverty, I guess you could say, I was ready and eager to do what God wanted.  As I live for Him and His Divine Will, that profound change has affected all the facets of my life.  Thus the reflections and postings shall also reflect His influence and hopefully touch the lives of those who read them.

My purpose for starting this site is just to reach out to as many as God allows, to pass on the Love He has so generously given to me, and maybe – just maybe – make a difference in this lost world.  I specifically ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and help so that all who visit will leave with a sacred awe and wonder, pondering in their hearts on how much God really does love each and every one of us.  So, thanks for visiting, and please come again and maybe bring along a friend!

Affectionately in the Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary,
~ Anne Elizabeth =-)

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