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St. Maximilian Kolbe

The Saint of Auschwitz

The Saint of Auschwitz

It is said that St. Maximilian Kolbe once received word from Our Blessed Mother that Poland was about to go through a Trial by Fire because the sins of the nation were so great. 

He asked in prayer if this trial might be mitigated with prayer and fasting. She said the sins were too great… BUT if the country would consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of her Son through her Immaculate Heart, then their soul salvation would be guaranteed, as held in her hands and not to be removed by the enemy.

After much discernment by the holy priest, his confessor, and by the Father-Guardian of his community, they all agreed this warning to be authentic. Thus they put together a printing press and, with the help of the whole community, printed the St. Louis de Montfort consecration in pamphlet form and sent it out to all the parishes and homes in Poland. 

That was 1936, and all of Poland responded by making the consecration.  In 1938, Hitler came to power.  In 1939, he invaded Poland and the country did indeed go through a Trial by Fire with war, the death camp Auschwitz, and with poverty and disease that always comes with war.  History documents that 17% of the population of Poland was lost, but because most had consecrated themselves as Our Lady requested, the salvation of  their souls was safe-guarded by the Mother of God. 

Mercy Saints

Mercy Saints

And I might add, great Saints came from that time as a result. Two in particular, St. Faustina (Divine Mercy) and St. John Paul The Great (Pope of Divine Mercy).

History does tend to repeat itself, and America – a country consecrated in her early days by George Washington himself to God and His service – does indeed have THREE very grave and serious sins against her and her people:

  1. We have broken the first three Commandments of the Lord
    • Love thy God with all your heart, strength, soul, and mind
      • We have removed God from our churches, our families, and our civic realms
    • Have no foreign gods before Me (football comes to mind)
    • Keep Holy the Sabbath (how many shop on Sundays, go out to eat on Sundays, buy gas on Sundays?)

  2. We have MURDERED (not killed) over 80 million innocent children in the womb and just outside of the womb. Then we try to call this a RIGHT???
    • We’ve drawn and quartered them
    • Burned them with saline solution
    • Punctured their skulls and sucked out their brains at birth
    • Snipped their necks with scissors at birth
      • We have surpassed the Nazi doctors and their experiments on Jewish children by far!

  3. Finally, we have normalized homosexuality as if it’s “just another way of living”.
    • I think Sodom and Gomorrah did that (Gen 19:24-25)… Trial by fire, eh?

Now, if the above mention did these things, and Ancient Jerusalem – before Assyria took the northern Kingdom and Babylon the Southern Kingdom – also did these things and all went through a Trial by Fire, what could possibly make us think the same would not apply to us???

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