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Outline: True Devotion to Mary

Instructions for Consecration to Mary:
By St. Louis de Monfort

Week One: Pages 175-185:

Offer up prayers and pious actions to ask for a knowledge of yourself and contrition for your sins; this should be done in a spirit of humility

Look upon yourself as crawling things, toads, swine, serpents, etc.. the vileness of my origin, the dishonors of your present state, and your ending as food for worms. Pray to the Holy spirit to enlighten you: “Lord, that I may see!  May I know myself! Come Holy Spirit!” Pray also the Litany of the Holy Spirit, and the Ave Maris Stella (on those pages above)

Week Two: Pages 185-188:

During the second week, apply yourself to know the Blessed Virgin.  Ask this knowledge from the Holy Spirit, read and meditate about it (your morning devotion!)  Recite the same prayers recommended in the Litanies and add a daily reciting of the Rosary.

Week Three: Pages 188-195:

During the third week, you should apply yourself to know Jesus.  Meditate what has been said about Him (Recommended readings in Matthew, first period, week one), reciting the prayers listed in the pages above.  Recite as often as possible: Lord, that I may know Thee!  Lord, that I may see Who Thou art! Continue to pray the litanies and add the Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus.

At the end of the three weeks:

Go to confession* and Communion, with the intention of giving yourself entirely to Jesus Christ in the quality of slaves of love, by the hands of Mary.  After receiving communion, recite the formula for my consecration:

I humble myself profoundly before You, O God, and renounce my corrupt interior and disposition. I renew my consecration desire by saying, “I am all yours, my dear Mistress, with all that I have.”  Therefore I implore our Good Mother to lend me Her heart, that I may receive her Son there with the same dispositions as her own.  I acknowledge the sullied-ness and inconsistency of my own heart.  I give to her all my goods and my Holy Communion to honor her as much as is humanly possible. “Please come and reside in me so that your Son has a better place to rest than this soiled soul which is worse in manner than the stable where He was born.  I take thee for my all. Give me thy heart, O Mary!”

For the Day of Consecration:

Formula and rubric on pages 197- 199

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