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Marian Concecrations

There are two formats of Marian Consecrations that I will list.  One is a suggested outlined form for the Louis de Monfort True Devotion to Mary, which will require you to purchase the book.  I found it listed on for $9.  This consecration is done over a period of three months.  This one is for those looking for a deep and penetrating spiritual encounter with our Lady and her Son; and for those who have considerable time on their hands… God Bless you for it!  Click here for Louis de Monfort Consecration.

The second format comes from Mother Teresa’s order Missionaries of Charity and is an adapted format from Louis de Monfort in that it only takes one month to complete.  It is ideal for those who want substance but do not have a lot of time.  

Regardless of which one you choose to do, it is IMPORTANT to remember.  DO NOT start if you are NOT serious about becoming a SERVANT OF CHRIST.  This is no fad.  It is very REAL and very LASTING.  Those who have done this recognize that ALL THAT THEY HAVE and ALL THAT THEY ARE are made available to the WILL OF HEAVEN.  You do not say NO when you are in the service of Heaven.  You might say, I don’t think I can do this… but you plug-ahead just the same knowing that Mother Mary is behind you ALL THE WAY, filling your willing heart and soul with the GRACES needed for completing the job!

Still interested?  Good for you!  God will bless you every step of the way!  I do recommend that you do not do the consecration alone.  If you can find another who is also interested, it could be very helpful with the holding each other accountable and encouraging one another when things get a bit sticky.  Rest assured!  The devil DOES NOT want more people to serve Our Lady.  He hates her a passion (cf. Gen 3:15)!  You will struggle, you will face temptations and the like.  But if anything, this should just reaffirm your belief that God wants you for Himself!  It’s not easy, but oh so worth it!  The more help you have, the better your chances are for completing and making your consecration.  May God bless you abundantly on your journey!


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