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33 Days to Morning Glory: Week IV, Reflection #3…

All for Mary! ... All for the Glory of God!

All for Mary! … All for the Glory of God!

We continue with the theme of mediation. Recall from the first reflection St. John Paul’s words on Mary’s role as mediator:

Mary puts herself between her Son and mankind in their needs. She is the mediation for us as that of a Mother, which is her right as the Mother of Jesus. 

In this final stretch, before the week of preparation, it is very important to remember that Mary will always be there for us, to intercede for us with her Son and the Father. Her Spouse is the Holy Spirit, and wherever Mary is, her Spouse is also present. So we have a great deal of GRACE that comes to us by these very truths.

For those who are Catholic, there is another truth. Mary is always present to us when we celebrate the Sacraments as she is there with Jesus, the Instituter of said sacraments. Just as Mary was present for her Son’s first miracle at the wedding feast in Cana, so too is she present at the presentation of the Eucharist – adoring her Son along with all of heaven.

During these final days before the preparation week, ask Mary to help you to truly appreciate the wonder and awe of the Holy Eucharist – which IS her Son, Body, Blood, Soul and divinity.  When you make yourself ready for your full confession, ask her to assist you in embracing the healing effects of this Sacrament.  For if anyone can help you to make these two Sacraments more meaningful, she can!

To quote St. John Paul the Great again:

Mary is the spokeswoman of her Son’s Will… [Therefore] … Be not afraid to ask!


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