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33 Days to Morning Glory: Week IV, Reflection #1…

All for Mary! ... All for the Glory of God!

All for Mary! … All for the Glory of God!

“Totus Tuus!” – St. John Paul the Great’s motto throughout his entire pontificate that expanded over 25 years. “All for the Glory of God”, and that meant a close relationship with the Mother of God, Mary, who never strayed from giving her all for God’s Glory.

St. John Paul the Great, in his Cana commentary, points out three important aspects of Mary’s “solicitude for human beings”…

Mary puts herself between her Son and mankind in their needs. She is the mediation for us as that of a Mother, which is her right as the Mother of Jesus.  Therefore she desires to see the manifestation of Jesus’ mediation freeing men and women from misfortune.

The Mercy of God is Divine Love placing a limit on evil.

The Second Vatican Council teaches that:

Jesus wants Mary and all Christians to share in His mediation through “obedience, faith, hope, and burning charity” ~Second Vatican Council, Lumen Gentium, para 61

Did you know that these virtues can be acquired in abundance with Marian consecration? Do you know why? Because Mary is the mediator of God’s GRACES by the virtue of her Son, Jesus. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches:

Her role in relation to the Church and to all humanity goes still further. “In  a wholly singular way she cooperated by her obediencefaith, hope, and burning charity in the Savior’s work of restoring the supernatural life to souls. For this reason she is a mother to us in the order of grace.~CCC§968, emphasis added

The Council continues on this understanding and adds:

This maternity of Mary in the order of grace began with the consent which she gave in faith at the Annunciation and which she sustained without wavering beneath the cross, and lasts until The eternal fulfillment of all the elect. Taken up to heaven she did not lay aside this salvific duty, but by her constant intercession continued to bring us the gifts of eternal salvation.

Remember the word of Simeon: And you a sword shall pierce so that the thoughts of men may beealed.

By her maternal charity, she cares for the brethren of her Son, who still journey on earth surrounded by dangers and cultics, until they are led into the happiness of their true home. Therefore the Blessed Virgin is invoked by the Church under the titles of Advocate, Auxiliatrix, Adjutrix, and Mediatrix~LG§62, emphasis added

Jesus is still the One mediator between us and the Father, but Mary joins her Son in the very reality that she is His mother, and thus highly favored by God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So we can come to Mary and ask for these virtues as we grow closer to the Son of God and thus to the Holy Trinity.

So, the question for today is:

“Obedience, Faith, Hope, Burning Charity” – which of these four are the most difficult for you now? 

Which ones are the easiest for you now?

From whom or for what circumstances in your life are these virtues of mediation most important to you? 


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