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33 Days to Morning Glory: Week III, Reflection #3…

Blssd Mother Teresa, angel of the poor, pray for us!

Blssd Mother Teresa, angel of the poor, pray for us!

Did you know that throughout Mother Teresa’s life she had a firm resolve “to refuse Him nothing” ?  It’s true! And this is further reflected for us in our desire to consecrate ourselves to Our Lady. We need to make a solemn promise that we will give her everything we have and all that we are so that she can apply us to God’s Holy Will in the Kingdom of God.  After all…

Everything of yours will belong to Mary who loves you and brings you closer to the pierced heart of Christ, [her Son].

We join ourselves to Our Crucified Lord in a way that shares in His suffering, the suffering that St. Paul recognized is for the salvation of souls when joined with Christ’s suffering endured for our salvation…

Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I complete what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of His body, that is the church… ~ Col 1:24

Mother Teresa says of suffering…

This suffering has to come, that came in the life of Our Lady that came in the life of Jesus. Thus it comes into our own lives.  This is a great gift from God – suffering. It becomes YOU and Jesus – alone inside your suffering.

So how do we turn over everything to Our Lady, including the gift of suffering? Simple. Ask her to lend you her heart and then give her yours. Why? Because…

Mary has a depth of Love of God, compassion for others, and a whole hearted love for the Divine Savior – her Son – unlike anything we could ever experience. But by giving her our heart and asking for hers, we can experience this for ourselves.

Today, will you refuse Our Mother nothing?  Will you ask her for her Immaculate Heart and give her yours in exchange, and ask her for her assistance as you continue this retreat in the days ahead.


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