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How would you react… Part III

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on October 3, 2018

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I drove myself to the hospital for the PET scan which was NOT a walk in the park. My friend had already given me the heads-up about the procedure so I came prepared! I brought my eye mask with me so I’d have no idea what was going on beyond the incidental noises. But before any of that, they inject a sugar isotope that has to move around the body for 40 minutes. So you have to SIT perfectly still and close your eyes so that it goes to the cancer and no where else.

I DON’T SIT anymore. Even as I type this, I’m lying on my front on my bed. This is how I spend most of my time in fact. Lying on my front because the tumor is right there in my behind, growing, painful and super uncomfortable. I even eat lying on my front, when I have an appetite.

So sitting for this 40 minutes was on my side as much as I could do. But the only way for the scanner was on my back. I DON’T LIE ON MY BACK EITHER. So you can imagine my discomfort and pain. I had taken my pain pill earlier that morning, and it’s good for 8hrs. But it was approaching the last “hour” of the pill’s presence when I had to lie on that table for a good 20 – 30 minutes!!!  


I was sick to my stomach. They ask you to fast and drink a lot of water prior to the scan. I had done that – I got to pee before the scan – but my head was deprived of nourishment and I nearly fainted walking back to the waiting lounge. I also felt nauseous and nearly threw up a couple of times. Fortunately I had brought with me a snack pack of chicken salad and crackers.  They had small couches in the waiting room, so I climbed on to one and began the arduous task of eating not quite lying on my stomach. 

I also had to make another visit to the restroom. My body wasn’t reacting too well to the injection, even though the paper I was handed said that I should be able to return to my normal duties. Well I just made it home and ended up sleeping a good hour – my normal duties – and still feeling sick and dizzy!

Now, WHY the PET scan? Because my new Oncologist ordered it. The paper read,A second opinion”.  I don’t think he doubted the surgeon’s findings, but he wanted to be sure of what he would be treating. My appointment with him wouldn’t be until the following Thursday. And, as it turned out, I would follow his appointment with the Radiology Oncologist’s appointment. They are in the same building and right next to each other to be exact. 🙂


Believe it or not, but communications were going back and forth between family members about the current condition of my cancer and tumor – some were handling it better than others. But a promise had been made to cover the funeral expenses – again, I wasn’t leaving anything to the last minute. This current diagnosis wasn’t incurable, but anything is possible with cancer. PLUS this is a PURIFIER from God, and it could be His was of bringing me home asap. Something I’m definitely NOT opposed to! I had always said that I wanted my purgatory – PURIFICATION – done here on earth so that I could get home asap. 🙂

So during the next few days I began to plan for end of life possibilities. I made contact with my county’s Cancer Aid Society who have been unbelievable in the assistance they have provided me with! Contacted Home Health Care and also began the process of applying for my state’s Medicaid to cover the costs of the Oncologists. 

When that appointment finally arrived, my friend again drove me to it. She’s been with me since the beginning of this ordeal – back to the very first ER visit! I’ll never be able to adequately express my gratitude at her generosity with putting her own life on hold to help me through this. The Medicaid office also made contact with me en-route to the Oncologist because I was missing a month’s income that was crucial to my approval. I informed her where I was headed and made promise to email that information after my appointments. God’s timing has been everything!

EVERYTHING SEEMED to be falling into place…

Through all of this God has been present both in His servants and in their prayers. He’s provided the people and the resources to see me through this. He’s even given to me some heads-up moments before the events happened so as to not allow me to be taken by surprise and allowing His Graces to sustain me. This gives me even more TRUST in His goodness and mercy! Because the next visit was not what anyone was expecting to hear, except perhaps, by me.

To be continued…

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