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Remember, remember, remember!

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on September 30, 2011

Just recently the notice went out that the FCC will soon have control of the internet and all its content will be monitored by the socialist government we now find ourselves in, beginning in November; UNLESS our Senate goes against their consistency and overturns the FCC and upholds the law. 

Whether or not they do or don’t, the time of sites like mine that proclaim the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ may soon find themselves no more.  In anticipation of this possibility, I want to post many of the really necessary reminders for the immediate days ahead.  Pay close attention, read and retain well, and REMEMBER, GOD WILL have the FINAL WORD!  BE NOT AFRAID…


The Glory of Heaven:

Just recently I learned that a friend of mine, that I had not seen since May, passed away from cancer.  She never shared with any of us that knew her the cancer had returned.  We had all thought she was cancer free.

It was upon reflection of the news that I came to realize how blessed she truly IS and how blessed we all are for knowing her. Through her suffering … Read more


Spiritual Desert

The Spiritual Desert: In my last two writings I’ve made reference to my recent journey into the Spiritual Desert.   In this post, I hope to address what the Spiritual Desert is, it’s purpose, and it’s effect thus far on me in the hopes of helping others who might also be experiencing their own desert wanderings.  In doing so, I also want to refer… Read more


A button

The Great Apostasy: In my last post I spoke in great length about the Spiritual Desert and its reason for being; what it does for the recipient, and how even our Lord experienced such.  Please take all that I write with a grain of salt, for again, I am no prophet, I just see the signs of the time.  In this post I will touch on the subject of the Great Apostasy  which will… Read More



On the Subject of Martyrdom:

As per usual, I thought I wasn’t to write about this until next week, but as I am approaching end of my “desert journey”, it is a bit hard to understand directives when your mind is bombarded with hit after hit from the the great tempter and his assigned nuisances… Thankfully, God has many different tools at His disposal to get my attention.  And as He has, I now write about Martyrdom… Why?  Because, dear Brothers and Sisters in the Christian Church, our PERSECUTION is at hand…Read more



A Final Call for Mercy: Our world is and has spun out of control.  Only ONE remains constant, only FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE can see the follower’s of Christ through these darkening days. We MUST cling to His MERCY.  It is why this post… Read more



A Good Review:  It’s now time to remember “WHY”…

We began with Ash Wednesday, a writing done at the beginning of MARCH, but that so reflects the recent Divine Mercy post most PERFECTLY…Something I never intended but SOMETHING God certainly DID!  For the faithful reader that began their journey on the path of Holiness…one step at a time… and with a brief “check-up” in between until the time became shortened and the message became CLEAR… Read more


Morning Prayer…

A Gentle ReminderMorning Prayer, Tuesday, Week II: READING:   First Letter of St. Paul to the Thessalonians (1Thes 5:2-6, emphasis added) Read more


May God’s peace be with all of you as these days progress and darkness becomes prevalent while the LIGHT of CHRIST shines ever brighter because of His LOVE for YOU

~In the Two Hearts!  Anne Elizabeth 🙂


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