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Service is NEVER easy… but definitely rewarding!

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on June 4, 2010

And again on 7/2/10 An offering for the Gulf Disaster

updated 6/29/10

I am updating this post with two more links.  One is a Video and is well worth the watch.  The second is another posting from Mark.  It embraces beautifully what I have posted below.  And as God recently reminded me, I had lamented my lack of posting something new, This is not your blog, Anne, it IS MINE.  I’ll have you update it when necessary. So now I guess “it’s necessary”. =-)

With the world changing rapidly, and my own life following suit, I find myself wondering… what next, Lord? And then I ask:  Am I doing what You want me to do? Followed with a small, can I come home, yet?

The answer is always clear: No, not yet, my child.  I still need your help with My wayward people.

Never in my life have I felt the burden of this calling as I have recently.  So much so that I actually contemplated making a really dumb decision that would affect all that He has done with me.  I almost turned away from His service.

Then a gentle whisper said, Come to Me…read what I have written to you.

This month’s Monthly Message was lying before me in my computer.  I opened the file and stared at the message in disbelief as it spoke DIRECTLY and AT THAT MOMENT to me.  …read what I have written to you…

June 1, 2010

Dearest apostles, are you weary? Do you wonder why My service requires such holiness? I know that you do not always understand the relationship between your suffering and the graces I am sending to others. This is not clear to you when you are carrying heavy crosses that require great trust.

It is this TRUST, a TOTAL TRUST that becomes the heavy cross, especially when doubt surrounds me on all sides!

When you are with Me for eternity, you will understand this connection and you will rejoice that you were willing to remain in My service despite the demands made upon your will. I ask and I ask and again I ask, and you answer, and you answer, and again, you answer.

But Lord, I’m so small, so weak, so inept to serve You well.  Still, not my will, but YOUR WILL be done…

My dear apostles, you are in such a habit of saying yes to Me, that you continue on, day after day. The days are passing, are they not? One after another, days are completed and you have claimed grace for the world.

This is how it has been arranged for you, dearest children of the Father. You are asked to be good and holy and in return, the Father cooperates by keeping your intentions close to His heart.

My intentions…my intentions…families, marriages in distress, my own lack of courage…my intentions…

In this moment, where you have been placed, there is grace. Do you feel it? Do you trust Me? I am with you. I have not abandoned you. Will you resist the temptation to leave Me when I press on your commitment?

Oh my Lord, my God, why have I thought of abandoning You?

If you ask Me for the grace of perseverance, I will give this to you. This is My gift. But you must ask for and then accept this gift.

Help me, Oh Lord, my God!  Give me this gift of perseverance so that I may ALWAYS seek after Your Holy Will!

If you feel like you are failing and yet you are trying to serve as best you can, then you must spend time with Me and examine the concept of failure from heaven’s view.

Where have I fallen short, Lord?  Where do I need correction?  Where can I grow so that I may be in better service to You?

You may find that you are a success in My eyes, even while the world dismisses your contribution.

I have been dismissed, treated most unfairly, accused most unjustly…help me to forgive, Lord!  Help me to always seek after Your Goodness.  I do not understand, Your ways are not mine, but they are greater in their execution of Love.  I so desire to imitate them.

All is well. Do not fear fatigue. Only fear a decision to abandon Me. Remember, I will never leave you. Never.

My Lord and my God, I am not worthy of Your attentions.  Yet, create in me a clean heart, a heart that remembers what You have said; a heart, that turns to You in moments of weakness and forgetfulness, in all humility and love, desiring nothing but You, dearest, sweetest Lord.

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