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The Coming King…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on December 24, 2009

I’m very sorry I haven’t been able to update this site, but my own small life has been rather busy.  As the day before the birth of our King IS HERE, I place this simple offering, two stories, for any who are browsing and finds this site.  The first is a journey from a small, northern town of Nazareth to a large bustling area of Judea.  The second is a story of the meager birth of a babe in Bethlehem who came from Heaven, emptying Himself of His Godhead, so that He may become weak and helpless like the creatures He has created, yet REMAINING God so that we may be redeemed.  Our Redemption IS at hand:

Journey from Nazareth to Judea:

At six o’clock on a cold, wet, mid-winter morning, the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph set out from Nazareth on their journey to Bethlehem.  Mary was mounted sidesaddle on an unpretentious little donkey, and St. Joseph guided the animal with his right hand, holding his staff with his left.  Two bags hanging on the beast’s right side contained their provisions: some bread, fruit, and fish, and the linens which Mary had lovingly prepared for her baby.  Ten thousand angels marched along with them in dazzling forms visible only to their Queen.  She and St. Joseph alternated with this heavenly choir in singing canticles and hymns of praise to God.

The first evening they found themselves in a windy, uninhabited valley…St. Joseph…pitched their little tent under a great old turpentine tree near a fountain… click here to read more…

The Birth of Jesus:

Reciting some prayers together with Mary, St. Joseph filled the manger with straw and moss and placed a cloth over it. Then he withdrew to the entrance of the cave. Looking back, he saw the holy Mother of God praying on her knees, surrounded by flames of dazzling supernatural light. Filled with reverent fear, he threw himself down on the ground and was soon rapt in an ecstatic sleep.

Mary was kneeling, with her eyes raised to heaven and… Her countenance emitted rays like the sun incarnadined, and shone in indescribable earnestness and majesty, all inflamed with the Light of God… click here to read more

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