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Conclusion… Purification

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on June 1, 2009

We come to the conclusion of these writings on the need for Purification.  I turn to Mark Mallet for his insights into the matter.  Emphasis has been added when applicable.

SINCE mankind was barred from the Garden of Eden, he has longed for both communion with God and harmony with nature—whether man knows it or not. Through His Son, God has promised both. But through a lie, so has the ancient serpent.


The Lord had warned Adam and Eve that human nature was not capable of handling the knowledge of good and evil. Choosing to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge—that is, to disregard God’s natural and moral order—would doom humankind. But the serpent hissed:

You will not die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. (Genesis 3:4-5)

Within this lie is found the game plan of the prince of darkness, which is now coming to fruition. After thousands of years of grooming the dark side of humanity, Satan allegedly asked God for the past century to test mankind. So His Bride would not be left in the dark, God permitted the “rock” of the Church to overhear and witness this wicked request during a Mass in the late 1800’s.

Leo XIII truly saw, in a vision, demonic spirits who were congregating on the Eternal City (Rome). —Father Domenico Pechenino, eyewitness; Ephemerides Liturgicae, reported in 1995, p. 58-59;

After coming out of a visible stupor, the Holy Father left the sanctuary and promptly composed the “Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel,” which was distributed to the bishops of the world in 1886 to be prayed after the Masses. Pope Leo also proceeded to write prayers of exorcism which are still found in today’s Roman Ritual. The Pope knew—and we know by hindsight—that the twentieth century would be an extraordinary unleashing of evil in the world, which is now reaching its zenith, as Satan tempts man to create a “new Eden.” It is a diabolical plan to reverse the curse which original sin brought upon creation… something only the Cross can do. ~ Mark Mallet, Back to Eden, 3-04-09

And how has this serpent succeeded?  Same-sex marriage laws passed right and left in state legislatures.  How much longer before Pastors and Priests are incarcerated for defending life from the pulpit?

Informative Video
Jailed Pastor Story

What happens when God is removed from Society

Why all of this?

The serpent whispered in Eve’s ear, “your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods who know what is good and what is evil.” But the serpent’s plan all along was to invert God’s design. That which is good is now considered evil, and that which is evil is called good. And hence, the divine image in which mankind has been made—male and female—is being inverted, not only through a reversal of male/female roles, but through a redefinition of sexuality itself. The “divine image” of the Holy Trinity—the family—is the focal point of the serpent’s bite. If the family can be poisoned, so can the future of the world. ~ Mark Mallet, Back to Eden, 3-04-09

Society is based on the family.  Economics are based on the family.  Destroy the family you will, in one swift move, destroy society and the economy…hmmm, sound all too familiar?  Yet while these things are currently our happenings, there is no reason to fear if you have complete TRUST in Jesus and allowed Him to purify your hearts:

THROUGH very powerful confirmations, I believe Jesus wants you to read this writing very carefully because the days for its fulfillment are now here. You must not be afraid, for the love and light which God is pouring into your soul are going to increase more and more such that all darkness and fear will be conquered in your heart. There will only be Jesus, He who is perfect love casting out all fear. Rest, little ones, and know that you are safe in the refuge of the Heart of Mary. She is the one who is bringing you deeper and deeper now into the chambers of the Master’s Sacred Heart where no evil can touch you.

Understand, these days are here… and for these days, you have been born.

You are chosen by God, not to save yourself, but to be the instrument of salvation for others. Your model is Mary who surrendered herself completely to God thereby becoming a co-operator in redemption—the Co-redemptrix of many. She is a symbol of the Church. What applies to her applies to you. You too are to become a co-redeemer with Christ through your prayers, witness, and suffering. ~ Mark Mallet, Smoldering Candle, 2-06-09.

Remember what Jesus asked us to do:

The love of God is this: to keep His commandments. And this will be the gift to the Church during the new epoch: to live in union with the Divine Will of God thus fulfilling the words of Christ, that the Father’s “will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” It will be possible through the power of the Holy Spirit, purifying and illuminating the Church, drawing her into greater and greater degrees of union and perfection. ~ Mark Mallet, Toward Paradise, 3-06-09

The symbol par excellence of this union of the will of man with the Divine Will is that of the “Two Hearts” of Jesus and Mary. Keeping in mind that the Blessed Mother is a symbol and prefigurement of the Church, the triumph of Our Lady is bring her children of all nations into the divine union she shares with her Son, symbolized by the flames of the Holy Spirit (of Love) which leap from both Hearts. What she has, we will become, through her.

The Mother of God is a type of the Church in the order of faith, charity and perfect union with Christ… Seeking after the glory of Christ, the Church becomes more like her exalted Type, and continually progresses in faith, hope and charity, seeking and doing the will of God in all things… —Lumen Gentium, Second Vatican Council, n. 63, 65 ~ Mark Mallet, Toward Paradise, 3-06-09

WE are His Children IF we FOLLOW His commands and LIVE in His LOVE.  Purification of our hearts IS THE ONLY WAY that we can do exactly this!


Even though we seen signs of decay all around us; even though serious prophetic warnings of chaos and destruction have been issued to the world and are beginning to unfold… in the end, the Church will triumph. Good will prevail over evil. However, if there is to be union with God, the human will—in order to be redeemed—must undergo the form of the Redemption, that is, the Cross. The human will, patterned after Christ’s “yes” to the Father in Gethsemane, must accept all the uncertainties, darkness, temptations, torments, and trials of its own Passion in order to experience the Resurrection.

The time has come to exalt the Holy Spirit in the world… I desire that this last epoch be consecrated in a very special way to this Holy Spirit… It is His turn, it is His epoch, it is the triumph of love in My Church, in the whole universe. —Jesus to Venerable Conchita Cabrera de Armida, Conchita, Marie Michel Philipon, p. 195-196 ~ Mark Mallet, Toward Paradise, 3-06-09

Purification comes from God, and He purified the human heart from death by dying on the Cross and Rising again into new life.  Jesus didn’t stop with the Cross, He also left us Himself in the Holy Eucharist, for us to draw on day after day:

Give us this day our daily Bread…


Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there also will my servant be. (John 12:26)

And where do we find Jesus, where do we find this power? Every day, He is made present on our altars—Calvary is made present. If you would find Jesus, then be there with Him, there upon the altar. Come with your own cross, and unite it to His.

In this way, you will also be with Him where He remains eternally: at the right hand of the Father, triumphant over evil and death. The power to triumph over evil in your present situation flows, not from your willpower, but from the Holy Eucharist. From Him, you will find the pattern and example, as well as the faith to conquer: For whoever is begotten by God conquers the world. And the victory that conquers the world is our faith. (1 John 5:4) ~ Mark Mallet, The Rescuer, Good Friday, 2009.


This is the “higher form of love” that Jesus calls each of you to: to give of yourself, not until you are fed up, but until you are raised up—up upon a cross. This does not mean that your story will end like the one I told in A Love that Triumphs. It may be that the one for whom you are suffering will not convert until the last second (see Mercy in Chaos), or perhaps they refuse reconciliation altogether.

Whatever your situation, it may not end as you would like (and nor should you feel you need to remain in a situation in which you or your family are in danger, or it is debilitating beyond your ability to function, etc….) However, your suffering will not go unnoticed nor be wasted. For through this crucible, Christ will sanctify your soul. And this is an immeasurable gift that will bear enormous fruit for the rest of your life and into eternity. ~ Mark Mallet, The Rescuer, Good Friday, 2009.

And finally, words from our Archbishop Raymond Burke, who spoke at this years National Day of Prayer breakfast in Washington, D.C.  The following came to me via a good friend:

On May, 2009 at the National Prayer Breakfast, Archbishop Raymond Burke outlined what we must do. It is time to stand up/ kneel down and do spiritual battle.

He said that this kind can only be taken care of by PRAYER and FASTING. He quoted from Scriptures about the time when the apostles were unable to expel the unclean spirit from a certain man’s son.

The apostles asked why they were not able to expel it, and Jesus responded. “This kind cannot be driven out except by prayer and fasting.”  ~ Mark 9:29

We cannot do it alone. We need Christ. He alone can give us strength and Christ alone can bring forth fruit. (Fasting isn’t only from food but can be from television, movies, the internet, etc.  Talk to a priest about the different ways to fast.)

We must pray the Rosary daily. Archbishop Burke reminded us about the battle of La Ponto when 250 Turkish ships were headed to destroy Christian Europe. Europe only had 25 ships. Pope Pius V spread the word to pray the Rosary. Mysteriously on October 7, 1671 the 250 war ships were turned away.

We must call on Our Lady as Mary, Help of Christians and as Mary Immaculate (The Immaculate Conception … who is our patroness and Our Lady of Guadalupe).

“At every Mass we should offer special prayers for our nation and for our leaders in order that the culture of death may be overcome and the civilization of love may be steadfastly advanced.”

“All Catholics in this nation should take part in Eucharistic Adoration and pray the Rosary.”

Parents must teach the Gospel of Life to their children and schools must address the fundamentals of natural moral law.

Catholics and Catholic Institutions are necessarily counter culture…

“If we are not willing to accept the burden and suffering involved in calling our culture to reform then we are not worthy of the name Catholic… We have the obligation to work tirelessly to change unjust laws…Let us draw strength from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”

Utilize the sacraments of Penance and the Holy Eucharist often, as well as fasting and abstinence.

“Let us pray today and everyday… we are called to be true to our Faith and therefore patriotically devoted to our nation… we must promote respect for all human life, safeguard the sanctity of marriage and the family and thereby foster the good of all in the nation and in our world.”

For the entire talk, go to “National Catholic Prayer Breakfast,2009”. We have our guidelines… Let us PRAY!

We have been given the method for Spiritual Battle let us rise to the occasion and support each other and encourage each other.

Let us give Him what He needs to help us. Let us provide the prayers and fasting, the Mass, the Rosary and all of the above, and let God take care of the rest because God really does know how to do it best, and when He does …we MUST remember to Thank and Praise Him profusely. We must also teach our children how quickly freedom can be taken away if we are not alert and if we become complacent.

Amen!  Thank you, my friend… May God Bless all who read this Post and those previous and TAKE TO HEART all that is contained within and BEGIN to apply all DIRECTLY to THEIR DAILY LIVES!

Affectionately in the Two Hearts!
~Anne Elizabeth

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