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We begin… Our need for Purification

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on May 15, 2009

In 2008, I completed my Master’s Degree requirements, took the comprehensive exams, and passed thus receiving my degree a month later.  Here I was, a single woman of 35yrs, with two degrees under my belt, teaching experience, and a whole lot of life experience, ready to go and serve my God – but under whose terms?

“Okay, God!  I’m ready to go to work!  What do you want me to do?”

That was my stance beginning that Fall without any classes to occupy my time.  I thought I might work in catholic media – that was a dead-end experience with only three months rent money to show for it.  Then I thought I might take a shot at getting a higher degree.  He did encourage me to try, but in the end, the whole thing also fell flat.

During this period God gently whispered, I want you to work with the mom’s of your area.  I want you to assist them in caring for their families.”

I responded with, “You want me to start babysitting, right?  I’m not doing that!  I have two degrees, for crying-out-loud.  I’ve worked as a professional teacher!  I’m not regressing to something I did in high school to earn a few extra bucks!”

Clearly, I had missed His point entirely.

By the time November arrived, I was considerably more ready and able to listen to His calling, that of Spiritual Motherhood, as I live out a Single and chaste life.  Looking back on it, six months later, I have come to see the true blessing of His choice for me.

The childcare I provide, in many cases, is crucial and highly sought after – not once have I been without a position.  Then there is the spiritual benefits from doing the Will of God.  I can honestly say there have been far too numerous to list here!

This is the important part! The only reason I heard Him came from the act of His purifying my heart.  He had to knock me down a peg or two, but I had already given God free-reign to do whatever is necessary to fulfill His Will with my service to Him and His Church.

God NEVER leaves those who desire to serve Him unaided!  So He chose to provided words of prophetic wisdom to greet me in my e-mail on a regular basis, from two good and faithful servants, whom I’ve had the privilege to both meet and hear speak.  These two voices crying out in the wilderness have spoken to millions around the globe both by their ministries and by the proper use of the Web.

In my own little circle, I was asked to send some of these messages along with added insights into their meaning to specifically chosen individuals.  Each message has supported Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition as well as applying directly to my life and those whom I have communicated them to.  As such, I truly believe they are worthy of your consideration.

The first modern day prophet you are already familiar with; if you read my blog on a regular basis.  His name is Mark Mallet, and he has a blog site of his own, one that is frequently mentioned and linked to from my blog. The other I’ve never mentioned because the timing – God’s timing – needed to be spot on!  Well, this is it!

Her attentiveness to the words of our Savior and Blessed Mother have touched millions of lives and provided much comfort and peace in the times we now find ourselves in (Economic collapse and Persecution of all Christians who profess truly the teachings of Christ).  Her humility is more than apparent when you meet her face to face, as she honestly listens before she speaks. The scent of heaven is always about her.

The links provided will take you to the websites of both of these modern day prophets so that you may discern for yourself.  Each are very unique in their callings and yet each submits their communications to the Church’s authority, while the fruits of their labors really speak for themselves.  It is with these two voices that I will join mine to in the next Post as I continue to address our REAL NEED for purification – NOT PERFECTION – whilest we are on this earth serving our Lord and King, Jesus the Christ, as we live out our daily lives/vocations/callings.

“Anne” a Lay apostle

Mark Mallet

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