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Posted by Anne Elizabeth on April 16, 2009

These words were recently used in a sermon spoken about the Death of Jesus on the Cross during the Good Friday service.  This Post is loosely based on that sermon and addresses our common need to come to our senses!  ESPECIALLY during this time in human history, and even MORE IMPORTANTLY during this time in the Liturgical year – Divine Mercy Sunday is approaching.

We begin with definitions:

Indifferent : according to the Webster Dictionary, to be Indifferent is to be uninterested; without concern; not making a difference; neither good nor bad.

Again, according to the Webster Dictionary, to be Arrogant is to be full of insolent pride, to be intolerable and overbearing. They who are Arrogant are often also presumptuous.

Lastly, but not leastly, we have Ignorant.  Webster defines Ignorant as: someone who is uninstructed, uniformed, and unlearned.

So the question we need to ask of ourselves is, “After all we’ve been through this Lent, do I still fall in one of these categories?”  Or better yet, let us read a bit more about each and SEE if we fall into one of the above categories.


Indifferentto be uninterested; without concern; not making a difference; neither good nor bad.

Skeptics… the 50/50s… the could be good, could be bad group of people.  Anyone ever see the movie, Signs?  In it, Mel Gibson’s character (Gram) states, “People fall into two categories.  Group one sees things as more than luck…sees miracles…Group two think sometimes people just get lucky…”

Those who see signs or miracles find such as proof that someone is watching out for us, is involved with our lives, “…and that fills them with hope.” While those who just think people just get lucky, they have no idea if anyone is watching out for them or that there is any proof there is a God, “…and that fills them with fear.”

Why not?  If you believe that your Creator is a figment of your imagination, then you will have to be responsible for the whole wide universe and your part in it.  That’s an awful lot for a finite person to concern themselves with.

Those who were at the foot of Jesus’ Cross, who watched Him suffer and die, who maybe even were there for His walk to Calvary.  Those who were indifferent (uninterested, without concern) would most likely be the soldiers whose duty were to crucify criminals.

To them, Jesus was probably just another criminal, another Jew condemned to die as an example to a restless people who did not like the Roman regime.  After all, two other revolutionaries (cf Mt. 27:38 NAB) were also crucified with Jesus, one on His right and one on His left.

So, for these soldiers, no big deal.  Okay, He was made to carry the full cross and not JUST the cross- beam on His shoulders… yeah, that was a little unusual.  But perhaps the soldiers thought Jesus was an especially despised criminal and deserved as much humiliation as the authorities could dole out?

We don’t really know, all we do know is that they were definitely IndifferentAnd when they had crucified Him, they divided His garments among them by casting lots; ~ Mt 27:35 (see also Ps 22:18, Mk 15:24, Lk 23:24, Jn 19:24)

It is well known, that in Ancient Rome, there was a game that involved the throwing of dice.  Roman soldiers used to play this game with each other during crucifixions to see who would get the criminal’s clothing, but also to pass the time.

More than likely, they had no concern for the poor fellow because it was all in a day’s work and was neither good nor bad; it just was.


So, how about it?  Was Jesus’ crucifixion and death just an unfortunate change of circumstance? Was it a case of mistaken identity (as misguided protestants would like us to believe…aka The Life of Brian), or is it just possible that God LOVED us so much that He was willing to die for us on a CROSS, and suffer the pain and humiliation of a criminal’s death?

And, IF God did LOVE us SO MUCH as to die a criminal’s death, the next question is WHY are we so stubborn as to not come to Him with open hearts and SEEK AFTER His DIVINE MERCY?

Next Post… Who are the Arrogant?


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