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Temptations Increasing?…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on April 6, 2009

Today, something very profound happened to me that has been fairly consistent for the last several days:  I was tempted with the most licentious images that truly brought on nausea.

Here comes the profound part. Upon going online to check my e-mail, I also checked a fellow writer’s site and discovered a new posting, that, after I read it, I better understood these attacks on my purity and then rejoiced in the decisions I had made when I dealt with them.

Are you finding yourself under similar attacks?  Are you wondering, “Where are these coming from?  I do not indulge in this stuff!”

Do you find yourself wondering what you can/should do about it?

Ever consider passing it along to Christ for the purpose of the Salvation of MANY souls and for the further strengthening of your own purity?

At the bottom of this post, I will link to a few writings that reflect on Redemptive Suffering and how uniting our sufferings and temptations to Christ’s own Suffering brings results that are so efficacious that they go beyond our imaginings!

Remember, we are currently entering into the time of Our Lord’s Passion.  How beautiful and fully blessed are those who are brought into an even deeper union by experiencing suffering and temptations that shall unite them to Our Crucified Lord!  You ARE TRULY BLESSED if you have experienced increased sufferings/anguishes/or temptations.  REJOICE!  For you are TRULY FAVORED BY GOD.  He is CALLING YOU to use this attacks from the enemy for the Glory of God.

Please, take a moment to review what you already know about HOW you can unite them to Christ’s own Passion, and participate in the Salvation of many souls.    Souls that,  otherwise, would have little chance of experiencing healing let alone salvation. NOW is the time!  Holy Week is abundantly filled with ever-flowing graces!!!

God desires our help – Love your God with all your heart, soul, and mind… Love your neighbor as yourself. ~Mt 22:37, 39


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