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Post-script from Bishop Fulton Sheen…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on December 26, 2008

You cannot separate a babe from the womb of their mother.  If you do, you will soon separate Christ from Christmas. ~Bishop Fulton Sheen, c.1954

Can we head the words of so wise a Bishop, who loved his flock so much, that weekly he went on Television to proclaim the Good News?   Must we continue to allow the scourge of Abortion – the torture and murder of innocent life within the womb – to infest our land? How was Christmas for you, this year?  How many people did you see with “Merry Christmas” on their lips, in their hearts, and surrounding their homes?  How many joined you in the pew Christmas eve and Christmas day?

Choose Life!  Choose Christ!

God Love You All!

“God Love You All!”  ~Bishop Fulton Sheen – 1895-1979


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