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The Nativity

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on December 24, 2008

Greetings!: This is a continuation of an Advent reflection as seen from the eyes of the Mother of the Redeemer, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Please refer to the first post in this series: INTRODUCTION if you are a first time reader.


Note: In this as in other great mysteries of the Blessed Virgin’s life which she herself described to the mystics, quotations from her own words are printed in italics.

[Biblical Passages will follow in BOLD black print when they apply.]

Chapter 13: The Nativity – Birth of the Lord Jesus

Reciting some prayers together with Mary, St. Joseph filled the manger with straw and moss and placed a cloth over it. Then he withdrew to the entrance of the cave. Looking back, he saw the holy Mother of God praying on her knees, surrounded by flames of dazzling supernatural light. Filled with reverent fear, he threw himself down on the ground and was soon rapt in an ecstatic sleep.

Mary was kneeling, with her eyes raised to heaven and… Her countenance emitted rays like the sun incarnadined, and shone in indescribable earnestness and majesty, all inflamed with the Light of God… Toward midnight a channel of brilliant light came down from the highest heaven and terminated in sparkling fire at the Blessed Virgin.  In it was an extraordinary movement of celestial glories which took on the forms of choirs of angels.

Then, in the twinkling of an eye, the infant God was born, glorious and transfigured as on Mount ThaborThere the God-Man lay, naked, utterly clean and pure…from Him radiated such marvelous light and splendor that the sun could not be compared to it. The angels could be heard gently singing canticles of wonderful sweetness… When the holy Mother of God perceived that she been delivered – for her child came forth without pain or injury to her – she immediately bowed her head, placed a cloth over His tiny body, and adored Him with the respect and reverence, saying:

“Welcome, my God, and my Lord, and my Son!”

Then the divine Child suspended the effects of His figuration and assumed the appearance of one capable of suffering. The Babe now moved, shivered with cold, and stretching forth His little arms, cried out… Bending down, Mary tenderly clasped Him…with great joy and warmed Him against her cheek…while thousands of angels knelt and adored their incarnate Creator.

Nearly an hour after the birth, Mary called to St. Joseph. Awakening…he perceived his Saviour her arms and at once prostrated himself …[in] deepest devotion and humility. Only at her bidding did he rise… [and] with touching joy and gratitude he kissed the Babe’s feet, and [then] held the little Jesus in his arms…while tears of happiness moistened his cheeks.

Then…Mary laid her Son in her lap, and while St. Joseph handed her the linens, she carefully and lovingly began to wrap the divine Child in swaddling clothes, drawing them tight on His small body.  Next she and Joseph gently placed the Infant in the manger… an ox from the neighboring fields entered with the ass. They…approached the crib, knelt before it, and breathed over it, as if to warm the Baby.

Mary and Joseph were so affected by this act that they could train their tears. For a long time they remained on their knees beside the crib, adoring the Christ Child and praising and thanking God.  [Then] St. Joseph took some blankets and made a resting place for Mary beside the manger.

Be not afraid, for behold I bring you news of great joy!

Be not afraid, for behold I bring you news of great joy!


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One Response to “The Nativity”

  1. Kin Robles said

    I know God has a sense of humor 😉 … otherwise He wouldn’t have enabled us to bring joy through laughter. Thank you for your blog and wonderful insights.

    May the peace of Our Lord be with you this Christmas Day.

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