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Presentation Part II

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on December 10, 2008

Greetings!: This is a continuation of an Advent reflection as seen from the eyes of the Mother of the Redeemer, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Please refer to the first post in this series: INTRODUCTION if you are a first time reader.


Chapter 4: The Presentation Part II [emphasis added]

Two priests then led her up to the gallery…Taking from her the garlands of flowers and the candle, they put a brown veil over her head and conducted her to a hall in which ten [other] girls in the service of the Temple welcomed her by throwing flowers before her. Here she met her teacher, who was the holy prophetess Anna (Lk 2:36-37).

Mary’s room was high up, with a view over the Holy Place and the Inner Temple containing the Holy of Holies As soon as she found herself alone, Mary prostrated herself on the floor and kissed it, for to her it was holy ground, being part of God’s Temple, and she considered herself unworthy of treading upon it. Then she turned to her angels and prayed:

“Messengers of the Almighty, faithful friends; I beseech you to remain with me in this holy Temple of my Lord and to remind me of all that I should do. Please instruct me and direct me so that in all things I may fulfill will of God.”

Humbling herself before God, she said:

“Infinite and Eternal Lord, if trouble and persecutions suffered in patience are precious in Thy sight, do not consent that I be deprived of so rich a treasure and pledge of love. But give the rewards of these tribulations to those who deserve them better than I.”

This prayer of Mary pleased Almighty God, and He gave her to understand that He would allow her to suffer and labor for love of Him during her life, though she would not know in advance how it would happen ( see Lk 2:7,19,51b; Jn 19:26).

Then the holy child solemnly made the vow of chastity before God, and renounced all affection for created things, while she resolved to obey all creatures for the love of God. Her angels proceeded to adorn her with a gorgeous robe and sparkling jewels of many colors that symbolized her virtues.THE BLESSED VIRGIN SAID TO ST. BRIDGET OF SWEDEN:

“From my infancy the Holy Spirit was perfectly with me. And as I grew, It filled me so completely as to leave no room sin to enter. When I had attained an age to know something of my Creator, I turned to Him with unspeakable love and desired Him with my whole heart.

I vowed in my heart to observe virginity if it was pleasing to Him, and to possess nothing in the world – but if God willed otherwise, that His Will, not mine, be done. I committed my will absolutely to Him.”


A Gentle Reminder…

At this time of year, giving gifts can become more of a job than an act of love. If money is tight, it can also be a source of inner tension and anxiety. There are also family obligations to see to, as well as an increased amount of work to do at our jobs. It’s no wonder we might catch ourselves saying, “I can’t wait until it’s all over!”

This year, instead of thinking about how much you should give and how much you have to do, focus on how much Jesus wants to give to you and your loved ones! We may not be used to looking at Christmas this way, but Advent is supposed to be a time when God gives us a taste of the joy that is coming to us at Christmas—and of the joy that awaits us all in heaven…

Do you want to give great gifts this Christmas? Then start by receiving Jesus. Whenever we take on the yoke of his peace and love, we become free to give the greatest of gifts—our time, our attention, and our love. We aren’t bound by feelings of inadequacy or the false notion that we have to carry the world on our shoulders. And that frees us to be present to other people, to listen to their cares and concerns, and to offer them the comfort that we have received from the Lord. So become a humble receiver of God’s grace, and you’ll become the most generous giver of gifts the world has ever seen!

~ Courtesy of : the Word among us, Dec 10, 2008


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