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Posted by Anne Elizabeth on November 10, 2008

It’s time to make a return to the document, Humanae Vitae, and begin to realize ALL of our RESPONSIBILITY in defending life and the sanctity of Marriage (Marriage = One Man and One Woman).  It’s time to reverse the 40 years of disobedience practiced by this crooked and perverse generation (cf Phil 2:15).  It is time to spread the message of Humanae Vitae and revitalize the respect and dignity due to ALL human life, from conception to natural death!

The Church, Guarantor of True Human Values

18. It can be foreseen that this teaching will perhaps not be easily received by all: Too numerous are those voices-amplified by the modern means of propaganda-which are contrary to the voice of the Church. To tell the truth, the Church is not surprised to be made, like her divine founder, a “sign of contradiction,” (Lk 2:3-4) yet she does not because of this cease to proclaim with humble firmness the entire moral law, both natural and evangelical…

Of such laws the Church was not the author, nor consequently can she be their arbiter; she is only their depositary and their interpreter, without ever being able to declare to be licit that which is not so by reason of its intimate an unchangeable opposition to the true good of man.

In defending conjugal morals in their integral wholeness, the Church knows that she contributes towards the establishment of a truly human civilization; she engages man not to abdicate from his own responsibility in order to rely on technical means; by that very fact she defends the dignity of man and wife. Faithful to both the teaching and the example of the Savior, she shows herself to be the sincere and disinterested friend of men, whom she wishes to help, even during their earthly sojourn, “to share as sons in the life of the living God, the Father of all men.” (Cf. Paul VI, encyc. Populorum Progressio, March 26, 1967, no. 21.)

III. Pastoral Directives

The Church, Mater et Magistra

19. Our words would not be an adequate expression of the thought and solicitude of the Church, mother and teacher of all peoples, if, after having recalled men to the observance and respect of the divine law regarding matrimony, we did not strengthen them in the path of honest regulation of birth, even amid the difficult conditions which today afflict families and peoples…

The Church, in fact, cannot have a different conduct towards men than that of the Redeemer. She knows their weaknesses, has compassion on the crowd, receives sinners; but she cannot renounce the teaching of the law which is, in reality, that law proper to a human life restored to its original truth and conducted by the spirit of God. (Cf. Rom 8)

(Priests!  There will be more to follow(#s 28-29), but for now, you CANNOT teach your flock that contraception is okay.  You must be compassionate, yes, to those you counsel; but you must also be HONEST about the seriousness of the sin of contraception.  Stand firm in the TRUTH!  Christ is behind you 100%… cf. Psalm 27)

Possibility of Observing the Divine Law

20. The teaching of the Church on the regulation of birth, which promulgates the divine law, will easily appear to many to be difficult or even impossible of actuation. And indeed, like all great beneficent realities, it demands serious engagement and much effort, individual, family and social effort. More than that, it would not be practicable without the help of God, who upholds and strengthens the good will of men. Yet, to anyone who reflects well, it cannot but be clear that such efforts ennoble man and are beneficial to the human community.

Mastery of Self

21. The honest practice of regulation of birth demands first of all that husband and wife acquire and possess solid convictions concerning the true values of life and of the family, and that they tend towards securing perfect self-mastery. To dominate instinct by means of one’s reason and free will undoubtedly requires ascetical practices, so that the affective manifestations of conjugal life may observe the correct order, in particular with regard to the observance of periodic continence.

Yet this discipline which is proper to the purity of married couples, far from harming conjugal love, rather confers on it a higher human value. It demands continual effort yet, thanks to its beneficent influence, husband and wife fully develop their personalities, being enriched with spiritual values. Such discipline bestows upon family life fruits of serenity and peace, and facilitates the solution of other problems; it favors attention for one’s partner, helps both parties to drive out selfishness, the enemy of true love; and deepens their sense of responsibility.

By its means, parents acquire the capacity of having a deeper and more efficacious influence in the education of their offspring; little children and youths grow up with a just appraisal of human values, and in the serene and harmonious development of their spiritual and sensitive faculties.

(Isn’t it true?  You have to teach children to understand their value as human beings.  If they do not see you placing value on yourself or your spouse, how will they ever come to believe that human life is precious and deserving great respect?)

Creating an Atmosphere Favorable to Chastity

22. On this occasion, we wish to draw the attention of educators, and of all who perform duties of responsibility in regard to the common good of human society,

…to the need of creating an atmosphere favorable to education in chastity, that is, to the triumph of healthy liberty over license by means of respect for the moral order.

Everything in the modern media of social communications which leads to sense excitation and unbridled customs, as well as every form of pornography and licentious performances, must arouse the frank and unanimous reaction of all those who are solicitous for the progress of civilization and the defense of the common good of the human spirit…

Vainly would one seek to justify such deprivation with the pretext of artistic or scientific exigencies, (Cf. Second Vatican Council, decree Inter Mirifica on the Media of Social Communication, nos. 6-7.) or to deduce an argument from the freedom allowed in this sector by the public authorities.

Appeal to Public Authorities

23. To rulers, who are those principally responsible for the common good, and who can do so much to safeguard moral customs, we say:

Do not allow the morality of your peoples to be degraded; do not permit that by legal means practices contrary to the natural and divine law be introduced into that fundamental cell, the family.

(Gay marriage…adoption to same-sex couples…adultery…divorce, dispensing of contraception in public schools, etc…)

Quite other is the way in which public authorities can and must contribute to the solution of the demographic problem: namely, the way of a provident policy for the family, of a wise education of peoples in respect of moral law and the liberty of citizens.

(Abstinence education, religious education, education valuing all human life.)

We are well aware of the serious difficulties experienced by public authorities in this regard, especially in the developing countries. To their legitimate preoccupations we devoted our encyclical letter Populorum Progressio (The Development of Peoples).

But with our predecessor Pope John XXIII, we repeat: no solution to these difficulties is acceptable “which does violence to man’s essential dignity” and is based only on an utterly materialistic conception of man himself and of his life.

The only possible solution to this question is one which envisages the social and economic progress both of individuals and of the whole of human society, and which respects and promotes true human values...

Neither can one, without grave injustice, consider divine providence to be responsible for what depends, instead, on a lack of wisdom in government, on an insufficient sense of social justice, on selfish monopolization, or again on blameworthy indolence in confronting the efforts and the sacrifices necessary to ensure the raising of living standards of a people and of all its sons.

(The excuse of, “It must be God’s Will”, will not suffice at the day of judgment when we are asked why we did not see the error of our ways, why did we not put life FIRST when considering what is truly RIGHT?)

May all responsible public authorities-as some are already doing so laudably-generously revive their efforts. And may mutual aid between all the members of the great human family never cease to grow: This is an almost limitless field which thus opens up to the activity of the great international organizations.

(Pro-life senators, state representatives, and law makers – SPEAK LOUDLY!  God IS listening, and so are those you are representing.  Keep up the GOOD WORK! 🙂 )

Next Post: men (as in humanity) of science, husband and wives, doctors and medical personal, and finally to priests and bishops…


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