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We’re Finished…take 2

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on October 18, 2008

I had already tried to post this, but found out that the pictures didn’t line up as nicely as they did in my view page.  Now I’m finally at a resting point, so I’m going to try again.

Carol and I have finally finished her dining room and I must say, IT LOOKS GOOD! Thanks be to God for all His assistance both physically and emotionally.

In the Beginning… first we began by taking off all the wall-paper with a ton of goo.  For that story, click here and go to the third paragraph.  The result was a plain wall on the top and a darkly painted wall on the bottom.  See below:

Sweet Birthday Greetings!

Notice the red on the bottom...

We soon discovered that the paint on the bottom was very cheap and VERY difficult to scrape off the wall.  Home Owners: no one loves the dollar stores more than me, but please do not skimp on paint.  Good paint is necessary to good health and easier redecorating down the road, whether that be you or someone else who “inherits” your wall.  Thank you!

Step 2: This meant that we needed to sand the bottom half, and boy was that a task!  For that fun story, click here.  All I have to say is, thank heavens that’s over!

I've got my sander.  Where's the wall?

Is this what I need?

Step 3: After the sanding was done, and we cleaned up the royal mess made by the sanding process, we painted with white the siding, molding, and china cabinets.  Since the primer was also white, it was fairly nice to primer the walls and not worry about any of the white paint going onto the wall from the touching-up done first.

This is so much fun!

This is so much fun!

Step 4: When all the primer coats had dried, and all the molding was retouched and dried, we then taped all around that beautiful molding before applying the first coat of color!  I wish I had more pictures, though.  The blue tape looked quite artsy. 🙂

Isn't that blue pretty?

Isn't this cool looking?

Step 5: After applying the second coat of color, and it dried, we were finally able to breath and admire the work accomplished! I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them. 🙂

North Cabinet

North Cabinet

Northeast Cabinet

Northeast Cabinet

Kitchen Entrance

Kitchen Entrance

Isn't that wall pretty?

East Wall

To the Foyer and Front Door.

To the Foyer and Front Door.

A Room with a View =-)

A Room with a View =-)

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