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Birthday Note…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on October 12, 2008

It seems the pictures included in the last post might be bringing in views, so let’s try it again! 🙂

As I shared in a post a couple weeks back, October 4th was my 35th birthday, and my good friend Carol prepared for me a wonderful birthday celebration. So below are pictures to attest to the fantastic job she did!

Saturday did begin with morning Mass, being it was a First Saturday, AND the feast day of St. Francis.  After Mass, I joined Carol and her son for breakfast.  The table was all decorated in fun party-ware with balloons and streamers in primary colors and really pretty purple (favorite color) daisies!

Look at all the pretty colors!

Look at all the pretty colors!

Sweet Birthday Greetings!

Sweet Birthday Greetings!

After breakfast I took Andrew with me and we went to the post office and then on to Dairy Queen with his, “Big Boy Potty” money his aunt had sent him.  It’s funny to note, it was about 55 degrees outside, the place didn’t open until 11am, and we arrived at 10:45a.  My sister called at exactly that time, so here Andrew and I sat while trying to stay in the occasional sunshine, in 55 degree weather, waiting to order ice cream treats for him, myself (yuck on soft serve), and Carol – who was at home making the dinner plans ready.  I really had to laugh at the irony of it all!

When we returned at noon with the treats (my conversation with my sister went long – It was my birthday), Carol greeted us with smiles and a light snack whilst we all (not me really) enjoyed the treats.  After that, Andrew went down for his nap, I went to my Holy Hour, and Carol relaxed a little from her preparations.

After my Holy Hour, I came back and took Andrew to a Renaissance Fair that was happening on campus (as it does every year for the Feast Day of St. Francis).  The schedule had said 12p-5p, but really it should have said, 12p-3p activities, food, and games; 3-5p clean up time and leftovers.  There wasn’t a whole lot to do or see when we arrived, but somehow Andrew managed to have a lot of fun.

We did get a free bag of popcorn, and he did get to make a crown for free.  With the left over monies from the morning, Andrew was able to play a couple of games that still had prizes left.

We then closed out the afternoon listening to some rather impressive recorder music!  He was mesmerized by their playing; and I have to admit, I couldn’t have played even remotely as well as they did.

So at 4:45p, we returned to find the dinner table all set, most of the food cooked – Carol was waiting for me to do the London Broil and the caramelized carrots. 🙂  But the table setting was just tre-magnifete!

Isn't that just such a beautiful table!

Isn't this the most beautiful table setting?

Here is a picture of myself with my friend Amy D. who also came to share in the festivities!

Say "Cheese" Ladies!

Say "Cheese" Ladies!

My birthday was very lovely!  I had heard from most everyone in my family back out West; and I had received several e-cards from friends who wanted to wish me well on my birthday.  It truly was a wonderful day!  Our evening concluded with a great game of boggle – of which Carol beat us both – naturally. But I did come in second… my spelling continues to improve,  little by little. 🙂

Well, I think that’s about all for now.  I’m grateful to have this opportunity to update the site.  Thank You, Lord, for the permission to do this on Sunday – Your Day.

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Week!

ps the sanding is done and we’ve begun to paint!!!  As you can see, we’ve already painted (or retouched, however you want to look at it), the top trim, the window sills, and the built in cabinets.  Next up, primer on the walls.  Wooohooo! Even Carol is smiling at that. =-)

Hi, Carol!

Hi, Carol!


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  1. Kristin said

    I love the shirt your wearing! What a beautiful color for you!

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